automatic download scans + false update prompts


I’ve facing 2 issues:

  1. How to setup Comodo to do automatic scans for all downloads - browser, utorrent, P2P clients…?
  2. Have been getting update prompts (main file, not AV signatures) - when I click nothing happens.
    When I check for update - it tells me I have the latest version?

Am I infected…?

My CIS version details - 5.12.256249.2599

Excellent product - been using this for the last 5 years.
Keep up the good job :-TU

  1. Comodo will automatically scan all new files on your computer not matter where they came from so you dont need to add any special scan for downloads, p2p etc.

  2. Try this advice given in this post and let us know if it helps.

At 1. This is closest to what you are asking for:

tried what wasgij6 suggested - Still facing the update issue…

At 2. What do you mean with update prompts? Do you see the updater icon in the systray or do you see the updater icon in the systray with a balloon message stating there is an update?

I see the smaller Comodo icon - rollover says there is an update. On click gives me the ‘See Update details’ prompt.

My version is 5.12.256249.2599 and the update asks me to download this update.

Will get screens in a day or two.

What do you mean with rollover? Do you mean you place your mouse pointer on the icon and it will say there is an update?

CIS will check for updates and when it does it will show the smaller screen for approx 10s. When there is not balloon message alerting there is an update there is no update. Don’t click on the updater icon.

Rollover = mouse pointer rollover.

Will follow what u said - but would like to know why this is happening (false prompts) and possible solutions.

As an user, I am 2 minds now wrt to updates - whats genuine & what not.
For future updates, how’ll I know they are genuine - my system may very well have been compromised.
And its not possible to download & re-install everytime there is an update.
I need to have total faith on my security app to use it.

Hope, you understand my predicament.

As long as CIS does not show a balloon message saying there is an update then there is no update. Don’t click on the updater icon that may trigger a false update alert.

The ballon messages show but with asking me to update - which is already installed.

As I said earlier - users have to double check everytime - which is a pain.

That is an annoying problem.

Can you try the following? Go to the CIS installation folder and cross reference each .exe and .dll file with the file in the Repair folder. If the version in the Repair is newer then copy is to the main folder and replace the older file.

will do as suggested.
still getting the false prompts…making me mad ???