Registry Program

I am using your Firewall, and Anti-Spam program, which are top notch! Has Comodo ever entertained the idea of developing a Registry Program? Just curious!



I also believe this would be a great product " Comodo Registry Cleaner" CRC :slight_smile:

Yes but Comodo’s priority is securing computers from malware, so that there’s greater confidence in e-commerce and more public awareness about Comodo; not just everything about computers. Of course I’d be delighted just like you though.

Some sort of hijackthis would be more within Comodo’s scope, although there are already free alternatives. Methinks the only possible advancement for hijackthis programs would be making them more intelligent so that showing the results to an expert isn’t necessary. But I think that’s impossible since it’s the other, blacklisting programs that follow that approach, and the only point of a hijackthis is sniffing through changes to the registry that blacklists aren’t aware of.

So… I’d love a registry cleaner from Comodo, but there are already free examples of them, right now concentrate on the firewall and getting the AVS out of beta and onto the top.

Well of coruse put the Firewall And Anti virus above all other things… But im talking about when the dust settles and they’re not to busy. :slight_smile:

As Melih said before

Hope I could give you some valuable information

that would be awesome if they did though. :smiley: Not a super duper major registry cleaner. Perhaps something kind of lite like CCleaner

It’s not that far of a stretch. You guys do have a backup utility. Why not develop something like EasyCleaner. The guy who did that took a break and there is no real number 1 best free registry cleaner. CCleaner is a good file cleaner but it’s registry thing is kind of risky with some of the stuff i see it bring up. You could really grab a part of the free software community base with a quality registry cleaner.

If you want Comodo to develope a Registry cleaner, it should be all out and should try to be one of the best out there, it would be a mistake to make it half-assed like the ccleaner. To me the best one would have to be ace utilities, it really is pretty ■■■■ good, but that’s my opinion. (:KWL)