New Version?

Is there still a new version being developed?
if so is there any eta on it. or is it still far from ready
i would really like to use this product but there are many things that need improved on it.
it would also be great it comodo had a portable version

there was some discussion a little while back but havent heard anything since


Its coming. :wink:

any time period. this month? this year?

LOL, I would hope in this year…

This give you any hint? :smiley:

yes and no cuz i dont know what comodo unite is lol im assuming its somthing to do with easyvpn

well, thats as much as I can really say :slight_smile: >:-D

dont be like that just spill the beans LOL

Alright… look at Jowa’s signature, Now I can not spill beans… i can open the can… but no bean spilling ;D ;D

Does that give any hint… ;D

And I am working on something for CU… but I cant share that also… not without permission :stuck_out_tongue: >:-D >:-D >:-D

hes is using the pre beta i guess thats a hint at it being semi close to private beta for us.
i give u persmission to spill the beans :wink: :wink:
im excited to see this new product. hope to see it soon… since u wont spill those ■■■■ beans LOL :wink:

My Friend you are in luck… Melih just gave me the Go Ahead to spill beans :slight_smile:

Comodo Unite, or CU, will be replacing Comodo eVPN.

It has new features and improvements over eVPN such as:

  1. A My Computers Feature that will allow for multiple log ins, from multiple computers, and ability to RC to other computers your logged into :), even if you haven’t signed into your windows account :slight_smile:

  2. Comodo Unite will connect to your account before you log in to your Windows User Account. (like i just said above :P)

  3. It will feature a much more improved RC system.

And many other improvements and bug fixes :slight_smile:

this sounds like what we all have been asking for :slight_smile:
thanks for the replys and i really look forward to trying this out.
you probably dont know when the beta will be released do u?

That is something we mods dont know yet.

thats what i figured
how long have you guys had the pre beta
where there a lot/any major bugs with it

sorry for all the questions

Over a week now… and we haven’t found bugs yet… only bug fixes…

Mind you, we dont have the full version yet… our version doesn’t have the RC improvements yet…

well hopefully the new RC improvements are drastic and work very well
one last question
is there a new gui? or is it the same as easyvpn
if there is a new one can we get a screenshot?

thanks for all your help

I was hoping you would ask that…

Currently no there isnt… But I have been working on a new GUI design my self for the last 10 days… and it shows alot of promise… :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hmm thinks to him self… screenshot??

sweet hopefully they will use it

can we see a preview of ur GUI

I will have to edit some stuff first… ;D

fair enough
post some screenshots as soon as u can. i would love to see them
again thanks for all the info and quick responses.
im excited to see the beta soon
keep up the great work comodo and members

Hmm… I may just post in the USG (Usability Study Group) and have them look at it… before I dare make it public… I know you do not have access to the USG so sorry…