Which Product to develop next?

I’m not sure if this would generally but I’ll ask any way
it’s not a new product but re-engineering your already well known stuff…
ask any pc user out side of the blue screen of death what would like to change most some will say this and that but usually it does come back to…
“after spending forever and a day down loading…
loading the program…
and when (almost) all is said and done
you gotta reboot…
so you:
close everything you were working on
get off the internet
make sure everything is alright…
and hope to what ever higher power you believe in that nothing goes wrong…
other wise start from scratch…”
to make a long story short
go in the path of linux and make a “non-rebootable” program…
most people will eat it up especially people w/ high speed internet
picture some one just downloads cpf likes it they don’t have to reboot
then down load the AV then I vault then…
I’m sure you get the point…
if not think about the IT guy(s) who’s gotta load / update / reinstall / etc. all the programs

Which Product to develop next?

A granular access-control solution that allows complete control over registry permissions, file permissions, what can be written, what can’t be, etc. Basically, I want something that’s similar to what is found in SELinux, but easy to use like Novell’s Apparmor.

Examples of current solutions in Windows:

Core Force


  • Full control over everything.
  • Integrated firewall via Windows port of OpenBSD’s pf (packet filter).
  • Uses community developed profiles.


  • Difficult to setup. (As in, you need to read and understand before creating profiles for your apps).
  • Community is still small, as it takes time to understand (reading, etc) how to setup profiles, as well as follow their submission guidelines.
  • Not suitable for non-techie folks.



  • Easy to setup.
  • Can add your own profiles for each application.


  • Relies on a company to develop a profile for your specific apps. (currently, support is limited to just popular applications…Its not good if you’re an impatient person.)
  • Creating your own profile is difficult…Harder than Core Force. (Do you really want to find the right registry Keys and paths for your applications?)

What I’m proposing is to have such a solution that is the “last line of defence” application. This is what I see as a “worse case scenario”, where all the signature and heuristic based methods of detection fail. The point of this approach is to limit and contain the damage of a system, such that an exploit doesn’t take the whole system, but the damage is contained to a specfic application instead.

I reckon this solution should be closely coupled with the Personal Firewall. (To offer an integrated solution, like what is found in Core Force).

The challenge for Comodo, would be to introduce a method or interface that makes it relatively easy to create our own profiles to be submitted/tested, AND to have a “learning mode”, such that if you’re not technically inclined or just plain lazy, the application will build a profile based on how you use your app. (any major deviation, like suddenly attempting to delete doc files without user permission is denied).

Note: This approach does NOT replace Comodo’s AV/anti-spyware solution, but is a supplement. This acts like a “last ditch” defence, in case other solutions fail. It does significantly enhance Comodo’s Personal Firewall by a tremendous amount…It will no longer be some “typical Windows Personal Firewall” solution. But something that could even make Linux users a little curious about.

This solution also provides a “workaround” until Microsoft can get off its fat ■■■■ and release a patch in a timely manner. (Monthly updates is NOT timely, especially when it comes to electronic speeds of malware infections).

Sure, you may put some AV companies out of business with this approach, but that’s technically not our problem, is it? :slight_smile:

So, a combination HIPS, behaviour blocker and sandbox that could interact with the firewall and create rules and app profiles automatically would be of some interest then? :wink:


Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Good to see another aussie running amok.

How about the Comodo Browser? You can attach trials of your software to it and promote full free versions of others while you are at it. It would be great and if you need volunteers to help collect web page info etc…i’m sure many of us would. This would also mean you could use top sites etc…to generate revenue! Since Comodo is looking to generate revenue from free products, this would be the best way to do so.

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I really like this idea and it also falls into the catagory of security and trust because everyone needs a secure and safe web browser. Well guys what do you say?

Thank you for complimenting my browser idea. I changed it since this was a 10 min throw together with a better looking browser. It’s raining, i’m home early from work, and kids are asleep, i’m bored ,lol, so if you recheck the attachment, it’ll be a bit different.


■■■■! Paris cant follow the recipe for ice!

Ok, fine but she does have a solution, please read again.

Paris. Nature’s frantic attempt to cover a vaccuum.

Here’s the new development. I will post a personal back on most of it.


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I like that too!!! You come up with all the good ideas. Of course I think the browser would be better if it were more designed like Firefox but with a Comodo Icon and of course advertising the free/paid Comodo products maybe at the top or bottom, but not on the sides.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this…how about a simple folder and file password protector. Perhaps even a whole hard drive. So many ask about a simple way to just right click and password protect a folder or file, this would go over extremely well I think.


Yeah, I agree, of course my window isn’t as roomy as an actual browser window which I didn’t think of when I created the look for it, so I need to shrink some features and enlarge the window to 800X600 or 1024X768.



I realised I joined the forums a little late. So much fun that I have missed. :slight_smile:

Regarding the development of a Comodo browser, I disagree with it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not here to create trouble or to shoot ideas down for the fun of it. But I think having another browser is not such a fruitful idea (I might be wrong though) for Comodo. Creating a browser puts Comodo head on with Microsoft the juggernaught, Mozilla and Opera. I am not saying that Comodo don’t stand a chance but the thing is those browsers above are offered free (more so for Mozilla Firefox).

IMHO, the main goal in the browser industry at the current moment seems to be to displace IE from the throne. And I think the best way of doing so is to throw our support behind Firefox.

Again, please don’t misunderstand the motive of this post. Just giving my thoughts.

Yours truly,

Hmm never thought of it that way, I guess you could be right, maybe that would be a bad move.

P.S. What browser do you think I’m using now? I can tell you its not IE :wink:

My bet would be Firefox. I just love its interface, customizable and clean.

Congratulations your right!!! ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

While both of you may be right about going head on with these heavy hitters, I think some miss the big picture here. I have used Firefox, opera , and IE. While firefox is most stable and safe, Opera is ok and most customizable, IE is the least safe but has a solid feeling to it. There is STILL something about Firefox that doesn’t draw 100% attention, it’s still missing something. Opera and IE the same. Suppose these are rolled into one , a very safe, customizable , yet stable feeling, something that has FF qualities, Opera customs, without IE security risks, yes Comodo Browser. I was thinking more on the revenu side of things, you can get paid many ways for advertising etc…while still advertising Comodo products. If I had the complete know how, I would make a monster of an excellent browser that would put them all to shame. So far very little programming and a fairly good knowledge of html is all I have. I have always wanted the ultimate browser and haven’t seen one yet. Oh well, life goes on. ::slight_smile:


Just wanted to add this also, isn’t the Comodo firewall , anti-virus etc…going up against some very heavy hitters as well?

Dear Paul,

To a certain extent, I do agree with what you said. All of the browsers available today are somehow lacking in certain aspects. Comodo could possibly succeed if it were to enter the browsing market. However, I don’t think it would be a wise move. One cannot compare the browser market with that of the Firewall or AV. Almost all of the browsers are offered free and with the presence of Firefox, a totally free OSS, Comodo would have a really hard time. Compared to the Firewall and AV market, most of the good products are offered at a price. No company are giving away free and good Firewalls or AV without any option to ‘upgrade’.

While Comodo are going against the 800 pound gorillas such as Symantec, McAfee, Kasperky and such, its greatest marketing point is that it is a FREE but NOT crippled version. That is what has attracted me to Comodo.

Yours truly,

I must agree with DoomScythe on the post of no browser . Another browser would be fine but , I would much rather have the guys work on important matters . A new browser is not in my opinion . And , some of you are not thinking of all the possibilities . Maxthon , Avant , and so on which are shells but , something to play with . The Comodo guys working on a browser is the last thing I would ask of them . I PRAY they do not do it !!! :‘( :’( :cry: Besides . I think the post is about security . There are plenty of options for safe browsers .