New Version of COMODO Secure DNS Next Month?

Will the new version of COMODO Secure DNS w/ content block + Site Inspector come out next month (February)?

i think its supposed to be out this month.

Anyone know when this month? I’m more then eager & excited to use it. ;D :smiley: :BNC (:CLP)

the quotes i provided above is the only info iv seen about the next release date

Your Pray’s will be answered soon eddie.lucas18! Yeah I’m kind of waiting myself. But the end is near :slight_smile:

Yeah…we know…21st of December…right? 88)

I am anxious to test this service, are we closer to knowing a date yet ???

I guessing It the next COMODO Secure DNS Version will be released in February? :THNK

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For those of you who are still waiting, about using WOT for right now? You can set it up to warn or block sites. It’s powered by millions of WOT users. Try giving it a go.

A picture of the User Guide is attached for more info.


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nothing else has been said about the release, so we will have to wait and see.

February is here. Any info on the “New Release” yet?

Will the new DNS Version still be FREE to use? Any news about a “Release Date” yet? :THNK

no new news. just be patient

Will the new release still be FREE to use?

Thanks for your interest. :slight_smile:

Yes, the new release of Comodo SecureDNS will still be free using the name servers and

It is also free for registered beta users for both home and office use on one registered network.

The developers are working to deploy SiteInspector in the service. As soon as this has been tested we will be able provide more details about the release.

Thanks Eric,
Appreciate you taking the time to give us this info.
Any updates are welcomed :-TU

Has site inspector integrated with DNS?