Why did you uninstall CIS? Please help us improve by telling us why.

Thank very much! Please give us as much information as you can. This will help us improve the product.

thank you!


Hi Melih. I did uninstall CIS V5.3 but only due to the program update problems V5.3 was having, I uninstalled it to do a clean reinstall of V5.4. Thanks.

I uninstalled it for a bit of time due to the impact that your anti-virus does on the system. Now, however, I have it on my machine without the AV part :).

Same here but only to do a clean install of 5.4 from 5.3. :slight_smile:

I am using it on my office system, since I have internet.

I have uninstalled it from my home system and my friends systems (They were previously using AVAST) because, I did not have a way to update CIS (None of these systems have a live internet connection.)

I uninstalled CIS because of 2 reasons:

  1. Too many false positive
  2. It’s complicated to use because it requires me to decide whether to allow the program to run.

For your information, I am just an average user.

I’m not using Comodo right now, due to some bugs and vulnerabilities which aren’t going to be fixed ?
Comodo usualy releses new version, without very great wishes from users and bug fixes, but with a lot of new features. Really, we’d love to see more our wishes implement which are usually fine and correct.

2. It's complicated to use because it requires me to decide whether to allow the program to run.

It happens :). Whitelist will never have all safe apps on it.


these are 2 wishes that comodo really needs. it will make people very happy and it implements many wishes into one
and also this

comodo should really look at the wishes that have been around for a long time before implementing more features. see what the users are asking for


When you add these features?

not that i uninstalled CIS, but i only installed the firewall in my new PC… my old still got the full CIS but it’s already in the garbage… >:-D

i’ll think about reinstalling the full CIS when i see good results in av-comparatives… :stuck_out_tongue:
but I like the firewall… :a0

I did for a bit, mainly because of the fact that every so often comodo encounters some visual C++ error and crashes. Once this happens, I have noticed how all my rules get wiped which does get irritating. When I try the diagnostic tools built into the program it did not find a problem so I simply moved to pctools firewall plus for a while. Recently with the ‘create rules for safe applications’ program, I have been able to somewhat bear the popups generated but the error still occurs. However, I will probably move again once my ISP moves to IPv6 unless comodo decides to implement full ICMPv6 support.

slowdown starcraft 2 fluidity every update that make blizzard + freezes time in menu.
but isnt a serious problems.

high CPU usage. it used 99 % everytime

Off topic: You gotta love Melih, for he cares.

I uninstalled it because it was making unwanted connections to the internet despite setting all settings within the comodo user interface to not connect to the internet.


  • the antivirus was slowing down my (old) computer more and more (probably because of the huge - and still increasing - size of the database)
  • I didn’t like some new features (trusted software vendors, automatically trusted files,…) made for “usability” but against security

i personally havent had any problems with the TVL or trusted files i actually like them but some people dont. like everything else in CIS there should be an easy way to disable them so everyone is happy

CIS is known to be customizable and these features shouldnt be an exception. comodo should make them optional

  1. Cleaning
    Comodo Internet Security did very well in blocking malware from getting into the system but Comodo Internet Security did pretty badly in cleaning a system that is infected with malware. Most of the time Comodo Internet Security able to detect the malware but not able to clean it. It will be great if someday Comodo development team can integrate Comodo Cleaning Essentials cleaning technology into Comodo Internet Security. I know that protection and cleaning are two very different concept and should be divided into two different product but if it can be combined into a single product, Comodo Internet Security will be the most powerful internet security suites in the world in terms of protection and cleaning.

  2. Whitelisting
    The Comodo whitelisting process is way to slow. I submitted some applications months ago yet until today the verdict of the applications is the unknown. It would be great if Comodo development team could somehow develop some sort of a real time whitelisting technology to speed up the whitelisting process. This will make Comodo Internet Security much easier to use for novice users.

  3. Re-introducing Threatcast
    In the past Comodo Internet Security has Threatcast technology which I think is pretty useful. Comodo development team should reintoduce Comodo Threatcast in Comodo Internet Security to further improve its usability. Threatcast ensures that users are being guided based on community decisions and actions so that they can make appropriate decisions (such as Sandbox, Allow, Block) on each and every single pop-up.

  4. Graphical User Interface
    Comodo Internet Security is not easy to use. For those that never use Comodo Internet Security before, they will face a lot of difficulties when trying to configure Comodo Internet Security due to the fact that Comodo Internet Security settings is way too hidden and not appealing to the users. I know that above average users or advanced users should not be having any problem using the current version of Comodo Internet Security but Comodo development team should think of ways to make the user interface easier to use for novice users. In my personal opinion, Comodo Antivirus 2.0 beta which was released a long time ago has a very good graphical user interface. Comodo development team can refer to that concept.


I removed it from one my comp because:

  1. AV is improving :-TU but still has too large number of FP, too huge base and av-base updates are too large.
  2. I don’t use D+ because one user wrote that D+ ain’t being developed since the 3.14 version and even earlier (and as there was no any denial we can consider it to be true). And I want to have really being developed product.
  3. I don’t use CF because one user wrote CF had been developed before that 3.14 version (and as there was no any denial we can consider it to be true either). Sure I want to have developing firewall either.
    (the pi constant - it’s funny ain’t it?)
  4. I tried to use Comodo’s Sandbox (in the CIS) like the Sandboxie but the comp goes sticky. So I sandbox browsers by Sandboxie or they are protected by Defensewall on my different comps.