Re: Why did you uninstall CIS? Please help us improve by telling us why.

So, you currently just run Defense+ then?

No… since Defense+ is still part of “Comodo Firewall”, where Comodo Firewall is the programs name.

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Yes, we’re completely aware of that. :P0l

Defense+ is not part of the Firewall and either can be installed separately… but, since you don’t run it yourself your confusion is understandable.

Well, I think you need to expand on “I didn’t like the changes”. Otherwise given the subject and objective of this topic, your post is looking rather troll-like as well.

I do recommend avoiding troll-like behavior and appearances in future, otherwise you are quite likely to run afoul of the forum policy in this regard. Changing your “Troll-like” signature would probably be a good first step. :slight_smile:

My confusion? No, you’re wrong. I have desktop screenshots dating back to Jan’09 where I used to run Avast 4.8 and Comodo Firewall.

I did run Comodo Firewall (with Defense+) and since I didn’t install the AV, it would still say Comodo Firewall.

-All versions of Comodo Internet Security for Windows -

Lets see the changes:

The new red GUI was awful for starters. I used V4 once, but I can’t remember much about it, since I removed it. I think that’s when GeekBuddy was added to Comodo Installer, I’m not 100% certain (a long time ago).

kail, may I ask is Comodo Firewall 3.1x compatible with Windows 7 SP1 x64?

Unfortunately, I need to think of a new Comodo one, so I’ll make changes as soon as.

Hello policeman HeffeD.

CFP (Comodo Firewall Pro) 3.X was 32 bit only. There was no V3.X 64 bit release.

If memory serves me correctly CIS V4.0 was the first 64 bit release.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

You are correct. I was wrong, my apologies. I’ve no idea what I was thinking there with regards to the CIS Firewall & Defense+.

On the rest… perhaps you are missing, or forgetting, the objective of this topic with regards to your posts here. The red UI is gone, GeekBuddy is still there and I’m uncertain as to the relevance of CIS 3.1x supporting W7 SP1 x64. Do you consider this helpful for Comodo to improve CIS… are you even interested in that?

Hmm I see, I was using Windows Vista 32-bit at the time. Windows 7 was the first 64-bit OS I have used.

I have suggested a few things around the forum, search my posts. I know, but I thought I would share my reason to why I removed Comodo Firewall. I don’t like HIPS, that’s why I do not use CIS. Cheers.

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