Standalone sandbox. Splits from "Why did you uninstall CIS?" topic

Hi lecod,

I would like to inform you that we are coming with Comodo Sandbox only product on our latest version. Please wait for our major release that will be done by the end of December :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

This will be manual sandbox/virtual kiosk, right?

Hello yessnooo,

You will also have the option to enable auto-sandboxing.

For your information

Kind Regards

Thank you for the announcement of a stand alone version of the Comodo Sandbox. I would like to ask Buket and others not to continue the conversation about it in this topic. This topic is only meant to tell why CIS was uninstalled.

Are you talking Standalone Comodo Sandbox or upcoming Cloud AV + Sandbox?

Hello ,

It will be a seperate standalone product as Comodo Sandbox.

For your information.

Kind Regards

Thanxx BuketB for the info.

Fantastic idea! Thank you guys. This will allow us to finally get the sandbox protection in any setup.

It will be strictly standalone manual/auto sandbox or viruscope will be there to analyze programs running in sandbox?