Save Comodo Time Machine!

Microsoft could be developing an enhanced system restore on Windows 8.
The evidences leaked but they go for a file backup (shadow copy) and not for low level snapshots technology of CTM.
Melih is waiting for Microsoft’s answer to continue developing CTM (see here and here).
Comodo already owns the code but stop developing :cry:

We, users (for instance: Ronny and OmeletGuy Moderators; Valentin N and I and a lot of others), want it to be saved! And keep the snapshot technology to be developed.

What do you think? Are you with us? :wink:

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Hi Tech!

I use an CTM 2.8 to 2 personal computers. Previously, there were some errors in CTM, but now I really like the CTM. Many users with Russian Forum also want to continue using CTM on their PC. Much work has already been done and little is left before the release of 2.9 …3.0. Let’s do it!

P.S. Windows 8 is far :wink: and do not like it -

The evidences leaked but they go for a file backup (shadow copy) and not for low level snapshots technology of CTM

In advance thank Comodo!

CTM is a good software. But its technology is not mature. CTM had many disk failures in user’s computers.
Windows 8 will have a reset restore future. Maybe developing of CTM should be considered again if the technology is still not mature.

wiseyu, the concurrence uses the technology and sell it. It’s stable and Comodo team could make it so. I’m not saying to get it into seconds, but to continue to develop it.

I also would like to see future CTM development. CTM helped me when my PC was infected or I tried new software…

You have my vote :-TU

my vote too

I had rather that Comodo abandon CTM and concentrate its efforts on CB to make it a very reliable and easy to use back-image and restore software with the same usabilities than Acronis. Backing image and restoring can save also your computers in case of infection. It allows you as well to test softwares and come back in time by retoring a previous image. I truly believe that backup & restore softwares are easier to use for many users than time machines.

I even think that harware vendors should systematically advise their customers to install such a software.


Boris, one technology does not exclude the other.
You can make full backups and restore them within 30 minutes.
But you can use snapshot technology and restore a computer in 3 minutes.
It is a great advantage for testing software and also allowing much more snapshots (backups) than backup programs (like CB).


as a user I prefer one product well developped, polished and finished than two products half finished. Right now I’m using Acronis but would happily switch to CB if one day it offers the same functionalities. I will never use time machine technology. I’m not in Comodo’s board and then don’t know why CTM and CB don’t improve quicker. But if it is for a question of ressources allocation, for me they can let go of CTM and concentrate on CB.

You start a topic and a poll but it seems that you expect only lovers of CTM to give their opinions.

I’m sorry to contradict you but it takes me less than 5 min to back and the same time to restore my system.

Surely VM are more usable to test softwares.
If you want to keep a large amount of snapshots, the free space of your “protected” disk will be eaten up while you can save back-images on an extenal support.

Well in fact everybody is free to use the software the best suited to its needs.

But if you make an appeal to “save” CTM, don’t be upset if everybody isn’t following you.


Everything matures with age, also variety and choices of any kind are good to have. :-TU
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CTM is a good idea, just buggy (as many have pointed out to me :)). I hope it can be continued.

Me too, fully agree. But Comodo company is not that small that cannot develop this two products.
By the way, Comodo develop dozen products at a time…

I will.

There are tons of backup tools out there.
There is not a CTM.
I will do the opposite :slight_smile:

No problems. We’re just talking. I respect other opinions.

I use it :slight_smile:

For sure I’m not. I will open a thread and not a poll. I won’t add two options for “no” and only one for “yes” :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why Microsoft including a CTM like program in windows should stop Comodo developing CTM?? Microsoft include a browser in windows but we still have Dragon, Microsoft include backup software but we still have CBU and Microsoft have MSE but will have CIS. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t think Microsoft including something in windows would mean the end of “time machine” sofware. you install something like CTM because it goes above and beyond the basic, simple stuff Microsoft include with windows with extra features, performance etc.


Thanks. Seems logic. Melih could come here and drop his opinion :wink:

Thanks Shaun. That’s a question for Melih.

Even if i had bad “memories” with CTM (the well known bug that corrupted my laptop’s MBR and could not boot anymore),i’m still using it and with all my heart i’m telling you guys,that i cannot imagine my laptop without CTM.I’m uninstalling it every few months for defragging,reinstall and move on.
So,please,don’t let this project die.It’s very important,because it’s about security after all,isn’t it?
Thank you Comodo for all the free stuff i have from you. :love:

Years ago, about 5-6, I was using something called Norton GoBack which provided CTM and RollBack RX-like functionality. With the advent of Vista it was no longer compatible, and RB RX had bugs of its own. I’ve since replaced it with Norton Ghost, relying on weekly backups should anything go very wrong. However, I miss the functionality of GoBack since Ghost doesn’t even come close to its flexibility.

I have been keeping an eye on the CTM software and I am really interested in using it. However, I am aware of the depth of issues it could cause in case it bugs out, and reports of entire drives’ data lost and especially problems with Win7 x64 are keeping me from trying it out.

PLEASE continue to develop this program, to test it on multiple, diverse platforms, and to mature it to the point where it becomes a truly solid, trustworthy piece of software. I’ve been yearning for this functionality for a long time now!

I have very serious doubts that Win8’s new SR functionality can even compare to a complete file-level restore which is indeed, as the name suggests, literally taking the computer back in time.

Thanks Joe_Black40 and Searinox to participate!

We haven’t decided to drop CTM yet guys…

We just want bit more information so that our developments can go towards whats most useful for end users. No point in reinventing the wheel if its already there…


Thanks Melih for join here.
I really think the Microsoft business is OS and Office… Other things are for other companies. And they do much better.

You say you do not abandon CTM… but, indeed, no development in the last months…