New CIS 2024 is coming!

Just a polite notice, not meant for any user in particular.

You can ignore users if you don’t want to hear from them, if you feel harassed or in any way bullied by a user, we would much prefer you to come to the @moderators first so we can have a chance to deal with it.

In any case here is the way to do that.

*I believe any ignore list expires after a certain amount of time and needs to be re added.

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Well, well, well. What ever happened to, “hey, he is doing his part here. let it be”? :laughing:
Finally had enough, huh? My filters still work and I think they’re better than the ignore option. When you add a user to the ignore list, you will see a notification in a thread when a particular post is ignored which only tempts you to click it. The filters block them like they were never there.

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yeah, youre right. sorry. let it be. he is just being receptive here. my bad. having some bad days lately (health not ok).

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I don’t know why you’re apologizing to me. I say block him. His responses are similar to the AutoMods on Reddit that key in on a certain word and give the same rote response over and over again. It’s annoying.

I do not block him, but I ignore him using a reliable “analog” method … I just ignore him … that is … who we are talking about?

Back to the topic: I am looking forward to CIS 2024. I think it will take longer than planned/expected, but some day it will be here. Me, I turned my back on comodo about a year ago - switching to Panda Free Antivirus (for Win and for Android) and am pleased about the smooth experience. But Comodo gives you more insight and more control (which is of course more strenuous). In the end, I sympathize whith Comodo and I am looking forward to the new CIS version.

Whether I will switch back to comodo wit CIS 2024 … I can’t say. It will depend on “how everything around it” feels, i.e. especially the support. Right at the moment, and for a long time, the personal sector feels quite abandoned… which is sad.

Well, in the end, CIS was/is free. I think, in the personal sector, classic security solutions will decline in meaningfulness - but I am NO EXPERT (neither IT/software nor marketing etc.) - just my gut feeling (Win defender and firewall get better from year to year…).

But then I wonder (…no expert …) if it is in a way kind of vital to have a huge “flock” of users which provides real world real time data to strengthen also the paid business solutions. This would be my favorite scenario:

  • A free and maintained CIS! (feeding and strengthening the COMODO system.)
  • Comodo prospers due to paid business solutions (let the big companies pay ;))
  • everybody is happy
  • Comodo Mobile and Comodo Dragon remain maintained
  • Comodo IceDragon RETURNS updated and remaines maintained


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Thank you for your appreciated comments.

I have CIS working on Windows 11 beta and Canary builds. The driver model of Windows 11 did not change from Windows 10 hence why I think it is working on Windows 11 as well.

Microsoft rewriting or writing in Rust does not necessarily mean the functionality of the modules changes. You can rewrite modules in Rust and provide the same functionality.

I didn’t know Microsoft is starting to use Rust. That’s interesting. Can you provide me with a url to an article?

Assuming 23h3 is a typo and pointing to 23h2 then there is nothing too exciting happening under the bonnet according to Windows 11 23H2: Microsoft confirms second feature update coming in the fall . Surely nothing at the kernel level as I understand it from quickly scanning the acticle.




The integration of Rust into the Windows 11 kernel


for the sake of knowledge: windows 11 has changes in kernel level compared to windows 10. windows 11 22h2 has many changes in kernel too and its a lot different from previous interations of the same windows 11 (1904, etc). the same goes for moment update 3 and the preview builds. and no, cis is not compatible with windows 11. in fact its not even compatible with windows 10 22h2. it may work for some and not for other. but the fact is that its not compatible. it was NOT made to be compatible.

and i go even further… cis is not compatible with a release date or a bug fix release either… :slight_smile: (sorry, i had to make this joke).

I hope the Comodo Group will not break its promise. CIS 2024 until summer.

summer is over here in brazil so…

To give a proper feedback are needed more screenshots.
The new theme looks nice (especially in dark version), but not very informative. I hope in advanced mode will be maintained at least the same informative content (first of all an interface must be functional, after all).

This refers to the European part of the Earth.

well, if I am right it was said: “before sommer 2023”, hope it will be very soon out…

I am new here and just wana ask if there will be a free version of CIS 2024? Thanks!

“I hope in advanced mode will be maintained at least the same informative content (first of all an interface must be functional, after all).”

I hope so, too and emphatically.

@XmenJourno ,
…Welcome to the Comodo Forum!

Based on what Melih recently stated, there will be a free version of CIS 2024 (Melih is the Chairman and Founder of Comodo).

Earlier in this thread/topic, someone asked the question “Will it only be a CIS Pro version release or only a CIS Premium release or both?”, and Melih answered with this:

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@Whoop-dee-doo Comodo is Xcitium now

Not for the consumer versions of their software, the name Comodo will still be kept.


@patrice58 will be back? because we always get this
Dynamic Analysis doesnt work