New CIS 2024 is coming!

Happy to meet you on new forum. This is Ozer Metin, CTO of Comodo/Xcitium. After more than 2 years, I would like to announce that we are working on new release for CIS 2024. CIS 2024 will come with lots of bug fixes , performance improvements, newest versions of Windows support (22H2) and finally new UI’s are coming too.

Here some screenshots for our new skin.



good ui.

any eta for this?

you said it will be cis 2024 release, so we may expect the new release only in 2024? another year of waiting?

Before summer…early present for 2024 :wink:


Will our saved configuration files work with this new version of CIS?

Will CFW still be an option?

Wow, splendid! Welcome back CIS :grinning:


Not sure if it can be directly used in the new CIS. According to the new versions of Client Security in the enterprise platform, the codes and its writing style of the .cfgx file have changed to some extent.

Oh God, I’m afraid (never could abide changes)…

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summer where? here in brazil is already summer :slight_smile:

Okay, Will we still be able to use a different antivirus if we’re so inclined? Comodo/Xcitium doesn’t have a very good track record of positively identifying the latest types of malware.

Notice my wording! Positively identifying, not “protecting against” Comodo/Xcitium is great at protecting, but not identifying. There’s a lot of malware that runs in browsers that comodo still doesn’t catch.

When will the beta testing be?

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I recognize that theme from when it was introduced awhile back. It looks like a regular “modern” interface that follows the current, unattractive design styles that are being pushed. Here’s hoping we get some theme options so I can make it look like something not designed by Fisher Price. I think that CCAV had a modern look that was actually pretty good without having ridiculously-sized buttons. It’s not a huge deal because how much am I going to be looking at my Internet Security interface, anyway? Still, I’d like something less ugly.

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I liked the look of the 5th version, classic.


I feel similarly. It doesn’t look bad but reminds me more of a game for children, not serious, not so much demanding. More like: “One push of a button and everything is o.k.”.

If it turns out that way - and it will, I’ll (have to) get used to it, too, and I will. The appearance would not matter, respectively I do not care, the protection is the most important. That remains.

I agree!

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Will be interesting to see what paid and free differences are and whether manual reset of container and watch activity with killswitch will still be an option / included.

Only thing I don’t like is the “upgrade” button. I hope there will be an option to remove it, just like in the old CIS.

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Hope it will be improved in the coming version…


It looks good.

I think the suggestions and bug fixes proposed by FutureTech will be implemented.

For corporate products, the name will be Xcitium, and for home products it will remain Comodo?

this is how the innovation in CIS works.

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Tell me more about this pls, what do you mean?

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