New CIS 2024 is coming!

@1807 We’ll have to wait and see. CAMAS was the predecessor of Valkyrie but anything can happen. CIS/CF as is still protects you against the latest ransomware and malware out there. Just check out @cruelsister 's test videos and the latest AvLab results


Сomodo Group, CIS 2024 will be released on May 31, 2023?

@EricCryptid CAMAS will be back 100% when the new CIS 2024 is out

Was that a question or a statement?

@patrice58 i mean it will be back 100% because Valkyrie needs Dynamic Analysis so it wll be back 100% when CIS is out

Dynamic Analysis

Thx to @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT he fixed CAMAS

almost dead here waiting new cis… Mellih, do the magic… release it!!!

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It could already be released.





edit.: who am i liyng… cis is dead, we all know that… right? :crazy_face:

@ Whoop-dee-doo,

Hi thanks for your reply. I am happy that Sir. Melih’s understanding for the one’s who has meager means but seeks better security. Thanks Sir Melih! Cheers!


I buy your products some years ago.
And I renew again this year, ± 2 months.

BUT I am disappointed to wait for a update to Win 11.

  • if until August you do not update I want my money back. I do not wait more.
  • why I say this, when are a win 11 update, most of time, not all, I am to uninstall and install again to work … more or less
  • Yesterday, last update win 11 the Comodo not start, when Win 11 start… I try two times and nothing… to uninstall and install again?
    also… in another computer that using Win 10, happened the same!!1
  • if you need money to contract people to work, WHY THE FREE FIREWALL at least let to a trial and after that ask for 5$ … if you do that I think half will pay!
  • I think, what I see in your page, you want work only to Enterprise, ok is your choice, but said that and not “don’t shoot for eyes which is not true”!
  • If you have some good products to enterprise why, until have a new individual products, to use it, with some adpated? I think that what I see some of them work in Windows!

Well nothing more!!
True, true, disappointing!!!

If your plus or minus 2 months is in the future, I’d recommend not renewing yet. Just wait until there is an update. We’ve been told there will be an update before summer which is, depending on how you measure, before either June 1st or June 21st, so waiting until August is being too generous. I’m not inclined to trust Comodo’s release estimates so my attitude is “wait and see”.

it’s well thought out

so, we’re all waiting to see but am i blind or nothing happened yet?

And it won’t happen. There is no information even at what stage of development. All in the best traditions of Comodo are empty promises.

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So no news, good news as we say back home !

I saw what you wrote… :japanese_ogre:

comodo internet security is compatible with windows 11 version 22h2(compilation 25346.1001)


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here i use the link(user free):