New CIS 2024 is coming!

Nothing indicates Windows 11 compatibility:

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here in my PC:

@anon99452249 if it says 2024 then the new CIS will come in 2024 just wait for the new CIS god ■■■■

@victorlopes and you too you cant wait like 1 year to CIS to come man be patience

Stop misleading Comodo’s ad !


updates help to publicize and popularize products…

it was said before sommer 2023 well summer starts at june 21, therefor only 18 days remain, if they keep their word

that depends… here in brazil we are in fall already…

sorry dude… my bad.
only 2 more years, right?
lets wait… 2 years is nothing. we can wait…

cis working on your pc doesnt mean it is officialy compatible nor that it will work iin any pcs.

cis is not compatible with windows 11.

god ■■■■, its not compatible even with windows 10 22H2 (officialy)…

and were still waiting for something… I have to admit that im geting tired of this. all lies and nothing concrete to show us… almost 3 years waiting…

Rest is healthy ! :sleeping:

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@victorlopes man you are being rude to Comodo and you hate them stop the hate and wait for it

im not being rude nor hating them. im just a user tired of being treated like an idiot.

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Who called you stupid ?
Please indicate the link

Nobody called the above user stupid, what he is saying is that he is tried of Comodo treating him like an idiot.

I’m happy that I could clear that up for you.

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exeactly he cant wait for the new CIS to come in 2024 like for real

@victorlopes do you even know how hard Comodo is working on new CIS and they need to integrate Valkyrie in free version too making an av will take at least 5-6 months and its not easy at all first you need alot of coding and knowledge,second it is very hard to make an av that fast

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You are a new user here I can see.
Comodo’s userbase here is waiting for almost 3 years now for a single update.
I’m not talking about the release of a new version, I’m talking about a single bug-fixing patch.
It’s been almost 3 years now without a “simple” bug fixing patch. Nothing.
So, believe me, the frustration is justified.

Just a point of clarification, but the last release was in March of 2021. That was 2 years 3 months ago. A year is 12 months so that is 2 and one quarter years. One quarter is not almost one. It was actually in late March, so even that is a bit of an exaggeration. The point is it’s been more than two years. It hasn’t been “almost 3”.

useless post to justify something that has no justification, or just an way to distract users in this forum?

i dont know. what i know is that we are waiting for more than 2 years, almost 3, for a simple bug fix and official compatibility with windows 10 22h2 and windows 11 and so far the only thing we have is a new forum that many dislikes and some mockups about what is supose to be a new cis. and then, sudenly, ceo disapears again.

am i crazy here?