Desktop background and theme

I thought we could share our desktop backgrounds and theme if you use another one than the default.

Myself, I use the Windows XP PRO background, and the VTP, Vista Transformation Pack 6.0. I hate Vista, love XP PRO, but also like the look of the Vista taskbar, so what else could I do? :wink:

Post your own desktop backgrounds.


Here I go again. I never grow tire of this (showing off, that is) ;D

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You have lots of desktop icons. Isn’t it true that if you store files on the desktop, especially big ones, that it slows down boot time?

PS: I notice you’re an anime fan, too (for shounen ones) :slight_smile:

Here is mine :slight_smile:

Click for larger image


here’s mine :slight_smile:

the background image is “flouresence”, available here

The theme is Aquanox, available here.

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It should slow it down a bit, as the icons would have to be read from the files on the desktop (or from prefetch), but I don’t know that it would slow it down that much.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Azenis 2 (WB theme)

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Looks like most are running Vista or have a liking to it with Vista-themes on their XP pc’s :slight_smile:

Yep, my icons are from Vista. WindowBlinds provides some of the Vista-like functionality I guess & I’ve used LClock for a long time… I’m old & my eyes are dim… I needed a bigger clock. ;D

Yes. The big time is a plus, Bender (:TNG)

Kiss my shinny metal a… Bender is a Laptop. ;D

All I did was use a picture of my kids as my background. Plus I have all their photos as a screensaver slide show.

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So we name our computers now? ;D I mean - I like computers, but not at that obsessional level ;D (“Here Bender, Bender. Come here boy. That’s a good boy!”)

My pc is called Beowulf (:KWL)

Oh well, if we’re going to name our computers… I guess my computer’s name will be Slowpoke ;D

I admit, this is my kind of thread too :wink:
Computer name is “Vision”, after my dear Italian road racing bike!

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Ah, grouping programs in’Secuirty’, ‘Communication’ etc. seems very smart, think I’ll steal your idea as my start-menu takes about half my screen ;D


Yeah, gotta love it :smiley:

Previously I even had the same structure in the Program Files folder, as nearly every program was configurable to choose directory. I’ve dropped that now, since it’s impossible to get it completely consistent, due to some programs. They sometimes make their own folders and stuff, to ruin my structure, and those annoying Windows programs’ folders are impossible to remove :cry:


Here’s my start-menu now:

That’s all I need, thanks for the idea ;D