Bring Out Your Tin Foil Hats! It's Time For Another One Of Commodus' Suspicions That Everybody's A Hacker

Why are you hiding SOYA ? 88) Are you planning on hacking someone ? ;D

I’m hiding from the nosey curious types

If I was a malicious hacker I wouldn’t be a Comodo supporter. Now where’s my Move button to kick the !ot! posters?

Yet you are a Lusher fan. (:TNG)


That label is to lure the fakers out here so I can trap him/it.

I did not said that everybody are hackers !!! >:( ;D Only you ! :slight_smile: Why are you hiding like Gibran ? Someone is blackmailing you ? :smiley: Ganda ?! 88) ???

“Maybe he’s the one who was behind those strange alerts I got recently. He even participated in the thread, to move focus from himself.”


Oh you little son of a gun ! :smiley:

Shhhhhhhhhhh… Use your inner voice :a0.

Commodus to Soya → So what’s the big deal man ? ;D

Everything is PM, PM, PM these days. I like some peace and quiet sometimes :a0

Oh ! I’ll pretend I believed you, but your inner voice tells me something else ;D

Yet another off-topic thread. Mabye I should hack Commodus, Rednose and ganda, and we’ll be safe from !ot!

You can’t hack me :slight_smile: I dare you ;D

I can, but I don’t feel like doing so. You’re already in my botnet. (:WIN)

Yawn. ;D Hack me ! I wanna be hacked ! You can see my IP, so what’s the problem ? ;D

Well, I don’t hack people for fun, I do it for a reason. Hack me, and I’ll have a reason to hack you (:WIN)

OK. You won’t hack me, I wont hack you (though U owe me a ■■■■ ;D), so U got 2 targets left - Red and Ganda :slight_smile: Pick one ! ;D

??? huh ??? is this an original topic or another “side effect topic” ?

Soya kicked us here >:( And he says I’m paranoid ! That I see hackers everywhere. Me → Ganda ! What an insult ! ;D To an EMPEROR !!! I demand a satisfaction ! :smiley:

You asked,

it shall be done…

give me a few minutes here…

Update: I’m done. If you can’t tell how/what changed in your first post, then you were successfully hacked!

I was succesfully hacked ! :cry: ■■■■■■ ! Soya - you’re good. So L.A. I found whose responsable for your wierd CFP 3 logs. Soya ! He’s a hacker >:(

:P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l

Comodo people unite ! Attack Soya !