How much disk space does your computer use ?

That’s what I’ve read. I’ve seen a guide on a Swedish forum, that explains how to make a pure XP installation CD out of the i386 folder (the one you’ll find on every XP installation CD). If it’s possible to make the XP CD, it should also be possible to nLite it?

Now, of course, having the i386 folder on the HDD is a prerequisite. Luckily my Acer Recovery CD’s are bloated with this folder. Good bloat! :-TU


It should be sufficient, if you also copy the necessary OS information files, i.e. the Win51etc data files contained inside the root folder of your OS installation CD, the bootfont.bin and the setup.exe?


You might also like to try my attachment below?

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Thanks REBOL. I’m not yet into this thing (won’t do it before September-October) so I don’t know how to use your file. :-\


Just keep it safe 'n warm until this very day. :slight_smile:

I am using 57GB/80GB.


12Tb :o :o :o
I can see why you have installed 4 OSes and ~∞ appz…
You just wanna fill the space ;D

Very nice wallpaper indeed…

And no i don’t want to fill space i want to help people use products more professionally so i learn about them lol

Ironically i have 2TB left of space :frowning:

I :THNK I can fill that space (physically)…

How? i have all the music i want, i have all the videos and applications (well i take off a app everyday and some how i add another…)

I just wanna say, it is very unusual to have that much of space on home PC…
And how much pieces of hardware (HD) is that?
uh I am totally !ot!

yes we are. please see here

i’ll be listing what all aps i have and what my pc specs are lol

I merged it to here guys, to stay on topic :wink:


Here’s the latest statistics for my disk space usage:

I’d like to see a picture like this of your hard disk CGP… ;D

Errr. … Ragwing, haven’t you forgot something like a picture ;D


It seems like there’s some problem with ImageShack, as I’ve included the link…
If you quote it, you’ll see that I’ve included a link…

perhaps this works ?


hehe, i’m just great ;D


7.2 GB on a 160 GB HD used by bloated windows and some music with a 5GB recovery partition from the same 160 GB HD (wish I could get rid of the recovery partition >:( )

Here’s my complete system: Windows XP SP3 + User Profile + All applications. :-TU


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