How much disk space does your computer use ?

To be fair I think we should compare without pagefile.sys!

All contents on C: except pagefile.sys: 1.24 GB (size on disk)


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Running a non v-lited vista I’m using 21,7 GB (games included :)) But practically this is unfair, you calculate Ms office, games etc. also. How can you make a fair comparison to someone else ?


Yes it’s unfair :slight_smile:

We all have different needs. I’m a winner because I have no games, but I’m also a loser because I have the vast office suite of 2.4 (I wonder how large M$ Office 2007 is, LOL). But it’s a great suite. I guess AbiWord is alright but I don’t know how to replace Impress (which is OOo’s PowerPoint replacement).


Here’s the stats for my HDD’s:


Too funny. You guys cant beat me. I have 2 160 GIG drives.

Drive “C” = Windows stuff and pictures and odds and ends ( 100 GIGs used with 60 free)

Drive “F” = Games and music (120 GIGS used and 40 free)

LOL, that’s because you reverse the idea. :slight_smile: You know I’m struggling towards minimalism :slight_smile:


Mine changes daily because I download and delete anime all the time :slight_smile:

But LA, yours would be great to image to a CD since it’s relatively small. Also, the Recycler directory and hibernation directories/files should be excludeded to be fair.

The Recycler folder only takes a few kilobytes, so why bother about it? It shouldn’t be more, since you don’t put anything in it unless you want to remove it.


Yeah, but it’s still too much for one CD. And I’m still skeptical to the image concept, as I prefer to install the newest software.

As Ragwing pointed out, the Recycler shouldn’t be very large. You’re right about the hibernation, it should be excluded (personally I don’t use this function).


You have heard of something called “compression”, haven’t you? (:TNG)

Yes I have. :-[


Even Mr. Fortune recommends using one. Reinstalling from scratch every month is just recklessness.

At least it eventually locks the Windows activation key. >:( Looks like no activation is needed if you recover from an image, at least I did that many times in the past (the preinstalled OEM), before I grabbed an XP CD from my Uni.

Later this year I may be forced to give up my beautiful XP Pro (due to license rights) and install the über-bloated Acer Recovery CD… that’ll be a nightmare and it’ll take up most of the space on my 5 GB C:. Luckily, it should be possible to create a clean installation CD from the i386 folder. I will do this and then nLite it.


Is that folder alone really sufficient to nLite Windows? First I’ve seen of this.

That’s what I’ve read. I’ve seen a guide on a Swedish forum, that explains how to make a pure XP installation CD out of the i386 folder (the one you’ll find on every XP installation CD). If it’s possible to make the XP CD, it should also be possible to nLite it?

Now, of course, having the i386 folder on the HDD is a prerequisite. Luckily my Acer Recovery CD’s are bloated with this folder. Good bloat! :-TU


It should be sufficient, if you also copy the necessary OS information files, i.e. the Win51etc data files contained inside the root folder of your OS installation CD, the bootfont.bin and the setup.exe?


You might also like to try my attachment below?

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Thanks REBOL. I’m not yet into this thing (won’t do it before September-October) so I don’t know how to use your file. :-\


Just keep it safe 'n warm until this very day. :slight_smile:

I am using 57GB/80GB.


12Tb :o :o :o
I can see why you have installed 4 OSes and ~∞ appz…
You just wanna fill the space ;D

Very nice wallpaper indeed…