How much disk space does your computer use ?

And no i don’t want to fill space i want to help people use products more professionally so i learn about them lol

Ironically i have 2TB left of space :frowning:

I :THNK I can fill that space (physically)…

How? i have all the music i want, i have all the videos and applications (well i take off a app everyday and some how i add another…)

I just wanna say, it is very unusual to have that much of space on home PC…
And how much pieces of hardware (HD) is that?
uh I am totally !ot!

yes we are. please see here

i’ll be listing what all aps i have and what my pc specs are lol

I merged it to here guys, to stay on topic :wink:


Here’s the latest statistics for my disk space usage:

I’d like to see a picture like this of your hard disk CGP… ;D

Errr. … Ragwing, haven’t you forgot something like a picture ;D


It seems like there’s some problem with ImageShack, as I’ve included the link…
If you quote it, you’ll see that I’ve included a link…

perhaps this works ?


hehe, i’m just great ;D


7.2 GB on a 160 GB HD used by bloated windows and some music with a 5GB recovery partition from the same 160 GB HD (wish I could get rid of the recovery partition >:( )

Here’s my complete system: Windows XP SP3 + User Profile + All applications. :-TU


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Very nice LA. You could do fine with a 1.44 GB hard disk…

:smiley: :smiley: I feel sorry for everyone :frowning:
and yes i’ll post my screen shot after i’m done reformatting it again

Why not 1.0 GB? ;D

I made it 5 GB in a time when I thought I needed that much. Oh, those were the times of bloat. O0


My Windows Vista and programs all together takes 1.52 GB :slight_smile:

That’s great! Not bad for a Vista installation…

By the way, this is post #3000 for me!


(:SHY) Thanks ! Your biggest bloat now is OpenOffice L.A. (:LGH)

P.S. Congrats on 3000 posts ! :BNC :■■■■