3xist has also left the building...


Cya Josh (:WAV)

Sorry to see you go, you was a good Mod and helper, who always made one feel welcome. By saying something along the lines of “feel free to PM me anytime about anything”, at one time to me. Although you have your reasons for leaving, I do find it strange how people do not let off some steam first and let their/your feelings be known so we can discuss and see if we feel the same. As opposed to deleting your account which seems kinda pointless but understand why people do it to prove a point and stick the two fingers up so to speak.

I wish you luck for whichever forum you may use in the future as I’m sure where you choose to stay you will be a great asset.

Good luck mate!

Should I copy/paste my reply to your last “leaving,” or the one before that? (Or the one before that or the one…) 88)

Well, if this really is your final choice, I’m sad to see you go (even sadder, or madder, to see that your account is deleted 88)).

Lotsa mods have left. I guess it is a stressful job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

I am just speechless.
Quill, then u.Whats goin’ on ??
Is this some sort of crisis???

You have been an amazing help to us all Josh, Good luck.

we will miss you.


:frowning: I wish there would’ve been some sort of explanation. ??? Best of luck to you.

And life goes on…
Best to you Josh, take care & drop in once and so often
Sorcerer 8)

Josh your welcomed back when ever u want… Do what you think is best with your life, and may luck be on your side…

We will miss you.

Another one bites the dust.

Sorry to see you go again Josh. You know you’re always welcome here.


Looking ahead to the day you return, my friend.

I have known you from another forum. Sorry to see you go man.

Best Wishes,

Jeff(aka liljj2009 [at] http://remove-malware.com/forums )

Amazingly, it seems like it hasn’t happened yet! 88)

Though I never knew Josh well (as well as you can online…), I wish him the best. :smiley:

Interesting way to put it. 88)

Many of you guys (including you Laser) have been here much longer than me, this seems to be a trend am I right? I for the record am a big fan of this forum ;D, but could there be a reason, legitimate or otherwise? :-\

Josh have a wonderful time, you were a great mod, always helpful, i will miss u on comodo forums, best wishes to you.

Well, it seems like some people come, stay a bit, then leave. Sometimes they say something when they leave, sometimes not. A few, like Xman, seem to leave to get their point across.

Josh/3xist/Dragons Forever is a bit different. For countless times (:D), he has left and deleted his account, then come back a few days later (and becomes a mod again 88)). Also, he once changed his nick name and made a topic about it. (He changed it from “3xist” to “Dragons Forever”.) A day later he changed his name back and locked the topic, because, as he said, Josh had a bit much of a certain woozy drink. 88)

So I’m afraid he had a reputation for going back on some of his actions. Still, he was a great mod. :slight_smile:

As for the others, I personally believe that forums like this can be just right for some, but not for others. Some leave, some stay. Also because people can get into a “debate” then feel a bit unwelcome or something.

It may give the appearance that this forum is falling apart, but users that think that forget that new members are coming all the time. :wink:

10-4, I appreciate the info. I certainly can identify with the “woozy drink” part…maybe I should change my nickname. 8)

Will you still be surprised if you’ll have a quick look on posts of this individual

Oh, I have seen them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like these two best:

;D ;D