Desktop background and theme

Jättesnyggt, elegant indelning :wink:

Anyone feel like showing off again?

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It looks barren & lonely

Yes, would be beautiful to build a little castle in such an environment. :slight_smile:

Edit: Beautiful until the sea level rises and takes the foundation away. Gotta build on a rock.

I also notice you hate desktop icons. That or you’re just showing off.

Both ;D
Can’t help being proud of such a desktop :wink:


Yes, I know it’s been done before, but an update might be fun…

Here’s mine :slight_smile:

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I think I’ve seen that wallpaper somewhere before.

Toggie now I understand your reaction to my desktop. Yours radiates simplicity. Allow me to make your eyes bleed the mess I have once more. :smiley:

(SAV digivolve tooooooooo… SEP!)

Here’s mine:


Ugly but organized. :slight_smile:

This is mine…

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Is the Lightroom really what I think it is?

And what do you think it is…?

An application that lights up your monitor :smiley:

Always a dear topic. :slight_smile:

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Hehe :smiley:
No it lights up my whole room… :wink:

It’s Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. A program for photographers.
I use it for my images. I mainly use raw files and not jpg or tiff.
It’s really nice. It has 5 modules.

  1. library (image database)
  2. develop (adjust you images)
  3. slideshow (make slideshows… :o)
  4. web (make web galleris with your images in html or flash)
  5. print (obvious…)

You can’t work with layers in Lightroom, so if you need that, you have to use Photoshop or similar.

Anybody know of a software that allows animated wallpapers for the desktop? (And don’t bother listing malware ones :P)

Windows allows animated GIF’s as background :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw, how you like my recycle bin? ;D


EDIT: Oh, didnt’ read you said no malware, sorry :o

Here is the one I am using presently.


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