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Your recycle bin had a nice name Ragwing. You should make some teeth on it… :slight_smile:

Ya Ragwing. I thought that was your other nick name. I’ve seen on the net that renaming the bin can cause unexpected problems. Guess the rumours are true :-\ (the result is we have Ragwing on board).

I’ll add that to my to-do-list! ;D

Yes, it is. Please feed me!

Lol meanie =/

Avira seems a personal favamong you guys. Also
AOwL, nice organizing. Smiley
LA I don’t see teh icons… you didn’t EAT explorer.exe, did yooooooou? o.=.O;;;
Wow someone actually uses Spybot’s protection agent? o.=.o;
ROFL at Ragwing.

LOL, I haven’t had a singe icon for the last year. Though I tried to put icons on the desktop for my most frequently used programs, but I had to remove them. Just couldn’t live with them. I am a freak of clean desktops! :slight_smile:


Yeah, protects so malware doens’t add BHO’s, toolbars and start-up entries :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s more clean than mine :o
Only reason I keep the recycle bin is cause I can name it whatever I want :wink:
Can anyone be nice and make a recycle bin icon with teeths and PM me it(so I’m protected from Soya)? ;D


Some interesting desktops out there :slight_smile:

here’s my desktop :

[attachment deleted by admin]

Lol gordon, nice start menu!
I see you’re downloading illegal stuff, guess you got your Windows from there, but since Windows isn’t worth paying for I can understand that.

But why you have four of these? :o


Illegal ? depends on where you live, don’t it ?
… and I have SIX m$-tax payed versions of windoze…
but they all suck so I use this special nLite’d version, unattended 10 minute install,
all updates slipstreamed, Bâshrat the Sneaky’s driverpacks and a nice reg-tweak file …
10 running processes and 60MB memory used on first run …
Why can’t m$ get it right ?

how can u do dat??
teach me! da start menu!!

Sure, here’s how :
To change the start-button you will need these tools :
(you could do it with a hex-editor but this is a lot easier)

Resource-hacker :
to make the changes to explorer.exe
Replacer :
to substitute the original explorer.exe with your hacked one !
(this can also be done by starting in safe-mode, then … forget it,just use replacer)

Change the Start text

  1. Locate explorer.exe in your Windows directory.
    Make a copy of the file in the same directory and rename it explorer.bak
    (replacer will also make a backup of the original but do it anyway)

  2. Now launch Resource Hacker.
    In the File menu, open explorer.exe. You’ll now see a bunch of collapsed folders.

  3. Expand the String Table folder and then find folder No. 37
    (folder No. 38 if you’re in Windows Classic mode).

  4. Click on resource 1033 and locate the text that says “Start.”
    Change the “Start” text to your text of choice.
    You don’t have a character limit but the text takes up taskbar space so don’t make it too long.

  5. Click on the button labeled Compile Script.
    This updates the settings for your Start button.

Change your hover text
Right now it says “Click here to begin.” BORING !!

  1. Open folder No. 34 and click on resource 1033.

  2. Find the text that says “Click here to begin” and change it to something else.

  3. Click on the Compile Script button to update this resource.

Customize your Start icon

  1. Collapse the String Table folder and expand the Bitmap folder at the top of your folder list.

  2. Click on folder No. 143 and click on resource 1033. You should see that familiar Windows icon.

  3. Go to the Action Menu and select “Replace bitmap.”
    Select “Open file with new bitmap” and locate the replacement image on your machine.
    Note: The image must have a .bmp extension and a size of 25 pixels by 20 pixels.
    Then click the Replace button.

Last : Save your new explorer.exe (File/Save as) somewhere easy to remember .
Your hacked explorer.exe is ready to be copied to your win-dir :

1 : Start “Replacer”
Drag’n’drop your hacked explorer.exe into the “replacer”-window and hit “Enter”
2 : Drag’n’drop the original explorer.exe into the “replacer”-window and hit “Enter”
3 : Re-boot and enjoy :slight_smile:

I doubt that m$ recommend you do this !
Some anti-virus programs may not like your attempt at changing a protected windows system-file .
In that case : Disable the AV until you’re done .

If windows-updates decides to update explorer.exe you will loose the changes made !

I wonder how Defense+ will react. :smiley:


Yeah, wish I could test it but I’m using w2k3 so no v3.0 for me :frowning:

Ah, perhaps that even means that your detailed guide above won’t work for XP? I once tried a tweak program (running XP) that could change the text on the start menu, but only on W2K, not XP.


Nope, it works on XP and w2k3. (unlike Comodo 3 :cry: )

ok here’s mine ;D

[attachment deleted by admin]

Borderline Goose

nothing is showing but… if you’d like i can delete it an add my new background? (it’s appropriate)

NP :wink: