Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

You can change the theme back to Lycia which is the old UI and has advanced view as before.


Can you show log entries? It more than likely that these are just blocked by firewall for TCP port 443.

Using Lycia indeed works as a workaround or now, but I think it would be better and more future proof if a similar view would be added to the new UI.

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They are really contained (Run virtually).
When the checking the logs from yesterday, I noticed they have been contained while I was installing a device program which was also contained at first. So I guess they (dllhost and conhost) were contained because the parent process was contained.
Why smartscreen was contained, I don’t know.

BUT, today I noticed that svchost.exe was contained for no reason. See the log screen below:

hi @DonGaz , thank you very much for sharing feedback! We are working on adding Advanced View within the new theme: CS-48330.

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For easier bug tracking, I reported some more findings and potential bugs in the category Bug Reports, Beta Corner - CIS - Comodo Forum rather than just posting everything in this topic.
I hope that is the correct way to do so.

You are absolutely correct! Thank you very much for sharing those, we will be escalating those as soon as possible.
I will inform soon.

Seems I can’t perform manual Scans under the Lycia Theme. When clicking over Quick or Full scan, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Hi RamboNTanga,

Thank you for reporting.
We are aware of this issue.
Ticket ID: CS-49869.


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There is a possible date for the release of the version 2024 as stable?
The current CIS how old is, when was released?

I hope to be able to see the new version as stable.
I’m using CIS stable but I think its a very old version that maybe never get update since long time :slight_smile:

hi @peopleinside , the current Beta version was released on October 23rd. We aim to publish one last beta version at end of December, including a lot of bugfixes as we did previously, and then we plan to roll out the stable version of Comodo Internet Security 2024 on January or at latest early February 2024.


Have we seen a lot of bug fixes in current Beta which took almost three years to come out? No.
How can you resolve a lot of bugs in just a month time from now? Impossible.

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So many.

Too expensive time.

Put a crowdin in place or something like that. No?

@ilgaz @elif.bengi Would you be so kind and provide us with a full bug status list for the current 8104 beta from the release versions 8012/8032 for the ones reported here List of current bugs and not already covered here Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta? That way, users and beta testers save time not having to report bugs or problems that are already (being) solved and can re-test fixes, whilst you get less repeated queries and better inputs for the development of the third CIS 2024 beta and beyond. Thanks in advance!

hi @infosec, sure. We will provide such list asap.

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First v12.3.1.8104 firewall impressions running on Windows 10 Pro 22H2:

  1. The tray icon tends to become invisible (while remaining clickable) unless traffic animation effects are turned on under firewall settings.

  2. It takes a minimum 4 clicks to open advanced settings. Surely there must be a better way.

Hi kotsius,

Thank you for reporting.
We will check and report this to the team.


Hi C.O.M.O.D.O RT, can you please address the above VPN question? It’s been asked on the forums multiple times and there’s still no a definitive answer. Do you have any near-future plans to add support for popular VPN solutions like OpenVPN and WireGuard? Just a simple “yes” or “no” would suffice. Thanks in advance.

Hi fcab,

Thank you for reporting.
From the above statement we understood that CIS doesn’t support wintun/wireguard adapter driver, we are aware of this issue and team is working on it.
Do we missed something else to understand ? if so kindly let us know with detailed information.
Steps to reproduce & any screenshot would be helpful.


hi @fcab , yes we have plans for supporting more VPN drivers, but our current focus is on fixing existing bugs on the Beta release to provide you a stable version as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.