Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

I’ve dealt with BOSD a lot, but I don’t remember how I elemented it. No more BOSD. Peharps, this can help you – is not a simple problem:

or here - 120/162 citizen_K:

@Varan-de-C0m0d0 Just out of curiosity, why do you frequently encounter those strange issues with CIS on your end… and what is the sense of your flooded and consecutive posts which seem to have no help in solving the problems you proposed…


Has the broken updating of recognizers been fixed yet? First beta I tried just kept showing error when updating recognizers and web signatures.

its fixed now yes check it out

No shock! On my PC Beta 2 runs without any problems the updates, too.

I just discovered (I saved everything - I didn’t know anymore) what I did to find the issue. When I put the container back I kept getting the BOSD. But I don’t think this this was the cause. The problem has more to do with Windows than with CIS.

It’s a lot and I don’t know how I solved the problem, Perharps you can find a solution. I could send all with a mail. Here some of it:


Here is the conclusion (Version 8012), problems in 8104 has not always to do with comodo’s software:

Either way you can go left or choose right. Complaints are off the the table because obviously they mean nothing to staff or mods ? I say mainly staff because mods are just that. That’s why so many have left. I’m running a old version of CIS with windows 1903. So no worries I’m locked down.

Why not set the Discourse default forum page to category view instead of this narrow category view ? Is Comodo scared of open discussion now ?

Not my choice. Either way hell of of a ride from 2007 to a couple years ago. Thanks and regards to the many and I mean many that earned my respect and I gladly gave in return.

C.O.M.O.D.O_RT You might be running policy but it’s a bad form to delete or move a post before it can be be replied to. If you will not change the forum for the software then lies the future of it. When your very long time users doubt you where is there to go ?

Who ever ? Fix what is broke. Can you image Nike selling shoes with no shoe strings. This used to be the best free paid security software period. My last rant and opinion has been made on the subject. Good Luck.

Given all the offtopics, misuse, misunderstanding or the layer 8 issues hopefully they narrow down the access to the beta.

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What About translation process?

Already nothing?

i have few phrases to change in French

hi @lyonel , can you please share those missing translations here so that we can take it and fix?

Not so easy

you don’t have an xml file, Like years old?

I see. We do have translation files in place. If you could share screenshots and point the wrong translation, that would be enough for us…


It’s been over 2 months since I requested the following feature. Every time your response says that we will update you soon, will the feature be there in the next beta?

Hi khanyash,

Thank you for reporting.
We created feature request ticket in the corresponding board and the team is working on it. (Ticket ID: CIST-20108)
We will update you as soon as it is implemented.


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Hi, a few questions from a long-time Comodo user:

  1. How stable and relatively bug free is the second beta? The first one looked like a total mess, but I don’t see so many issues mentioned with this thread. Is it decent enough to update from 8012?

  2. What’s the current situation with VPN network adapters? Still no support for Wireguard or most OpenVPN implementations? With the last official version the only supported VPN adapter type seemed to be OpenVPN TAP-Windows. Others, like OpenVPN’s WinTun or Data Channel Offload are not being filtered by Comodo at all (no firewall whatsoever), and trying to install the Comodo service manually in the adapters’ settings always resulted in an error.

  3. (2b, really) Comodo staff: If VPN adapters are still unsupported, are any plans to include such support in the near future? I’d really like to know whether I should wait or start looking for an alternative solution.

Thanks in advance.

Some answers you can find there:

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Running Windows 10 Pro 22H2 Build 19045.3570
Installed CIS Beta
Let quick scan complete then rebooted. Enabled Hips. Changed theme to classic. Rebooted again.
Made two changes to settings: Check for program updates every 7 days and allowed contained application access to clipboard. Rebooted yet again.
Clicked on quick scan with no response, same with full scan.
Had read on forum that some people had experienced this happening only on some themes.
Tried every single theme, still no response to either scan.
Program is unusable at present so removed and reinstalled v12.2.2.8012
Please fix.



Decided to give the beta a spin.

OS: Windows 11 Pro, fresh install, fully updated
Installation scope: Firewall only (I deselected the Antivirus), English

Installation went smootly without any issues. Comodo registered inself correctly in the Windows Security Center.
Only one small thing I noticed: After the first reboot, I took quite some time before the icon was visible in the the taskbar (the space where the icon should appear was reserved and hovering over it showed Comodo). From the next reboot on, this issue disappeared.

Configuration without issues and very much like the old version. No remarks there.

Overall a positive experience so far, but I do have some remarks/questions.


  • Is there no ‘Advanced view’ anymore? I prefer to see at a glance what’s going on on my computer rather than just seeing: ‘This computer is protected’.
  • While the notifications in the new GUI are nice and easy to read, they seem to be a little too big.


  • The file contect menu (right click > Show more options) displays 5 Comodo JSON options. I suppose this is for the beta only?
  • I clicked ‘Start a quick scan’ on the main page >> nothing seemed to happen, until I noticed in the desktop widget that this has started a Task. The task took a couple of minutes to complete, but nothing was ever shown to me.
  • The ‘Start a quick scan’ apparently started a virusscan, but I deselected the virusscanner during installion. So the virusscanner was installed anyway? I do not want that, as I use a different antivirus solution.

That’s it for now. Thank you Comodo for building this new version.


I noticed that following Windows processes are Contained by Comodo while they have the ‘Trusted’ rating.

  • C:\Windows\System32\smartscreen.exe
  • C:\Windows\System32\dllhost.exe
  • C:\Windows\System32\conhost.exe

Why is that?