Exciting News: Comodo Internet Security 2024 Beta Now Open for Testing!

So, any news about it?


elif.bengi Comodo Staff 13d

Hello, CIS lovers,
Our next beta release plan has been finalized and we’ll share the new beta version on October 23rd, 2023.

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I quoted @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT for the update on a feature request.

Hello misbah and welcome. What is your concern?

Because of the posts of Varan-de-C0m0d0 and perhaps this warning:

Thank you for your answer to Varan-de-C0m0d0’s post. I still trust the capabilities of Comodo protection.

I’m not misbah but have the same concern what concerns me and the beta version.

Hi khanyash,

We have created feature request on “ask show alert option for unknown files in the CIS”.
The team is working on this and we will update you as soon as we get update from the team.


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The staff @ozer.metin created a request when I posted about it. CIS has a “show popup alerts” option for all its features for advanced users except unknown file containment. I am hoping the team will implement the requested feature, especially when it is available in the now-discontinued CCAV. Below is the link to the feature request the stated staff created.

Hello, I’m coming back to the forum to give my final opinion. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. In the end, Comodo CIS works very, very well and I am completely delighted with its use. The few problems I experienced were solely due to me and my inexperience. After reading and listening to everyone’s advice, I finally find myself with a completely operational and perfectly secure PC. Comodo CIS deserved that I reinstall Windows cleanly with a fresh installation of Windows 10 and since then everything has worked perfectly with it. The Cruelsyster configuration is really ideal. I am once again the very satisfied CIS user that I have always been. Thank you for your perseverance and for helping me see things differently. Without your tenacity I would have allowed myself to be overcome by impatience, when it was enough to follow your enlightened recommendations. Many thanks again to everyone. I’m off for the next 15 years with Comodo CIS! To other users: don’t be discouraged if something goes wrong, the guys on the forum will help you get your config back into perfect working order. A big thank you to everyone. The bad part of the story is that before finding the bugs in a beta version, he first checks that his PC is 100% reliable. Thanks to the team for taking the time to release a product that is worth it. I leave my message in several languages ​​to correct the bad impression given completely wrongly. I am now returning to professional life. Best Wishes for the future!

Hallo, ich komme zurück ins Forum, um meine endgültige Meinung abzugeben. Sorry für die Unannehmlichkeiten. Im Endeffekt funktioniert Comodo CIS sehr, sehr gut und ich bin mit der Nutzung rundum zufrieden. Die wenigen Probleme, die ich hatte, waren ausschließlich auf mich und meine Unerfahrenheit zurückzuführen. Nachdem ich alle Ratschläge gelesen und angehört habe, habe ich endlich einen voll funktionsfähigen und absolut sicheren PC. Comodo CIS hat es verdient, dass ich Windows mit einer Neuinstallation von Windows 10 sauber neu installiert habe und seitdem funktioniert alles einwandfrei damit. Die Cruelsyster-Konfiguration ist wirklich ideal. Ich bin wieder einmal der sehr zufriedene CIS-Benutzer, der ich immer war. Vielen Dank für Ihre Beharrlichkeit und dafür, dass Sie mir geholfen haben, die Dinge anders zu sehen. Ohne Ihre Hartnäckigkeit hätte ich mich von der Ungeduld überwältigen lassen, obwohl es genügt hätte, Ihren aufgeklärten Empfehlungen zu folgen. Vielen Dank nochmal an alle. Ich bin die nächsten 15 Jahre mit Comodo CIS unterwegs! An andere Benutzer: Lassen Sie sich nicht entmutigen, wenn etwas schief geht. Die Leute im Forum helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihre Konfiguration wieder in einen einwandfreien Zustand zu versetzen. Ein großes Dankeschön an alle. Das Schlimme an der Geschichte ist, dass er, bevor er die Fehler in einer Betaversion findet, zunächst prüft, ob sein PC zu 100 % zuverlässig ist. Vielen Dank an das Team, das sich die Zeit genommen hat, ein Produkt herauszubringen, das sich lohnt. Ich hinterlasse meine Nachricht in mehreren Sprachen, um den völlig zu Unrecht vermittelten schlechten Eindruck zu korrigieren. Jetzt kehre ich ins Berufsleben zurück. Beste Wünsche für die Zukunft!

Hola, vuelvo al foro para dar mi opinión final. Lamento el inconveniente causado. Al final Comodo CIS funciona muy, muy bien y estoy completamente encantado con su uso. Los pocos problemas que experimenté se debieron únicamente a mí y a mi inexperiencia. Después de leer y escuchar los consejos de todos, finalmente me encuentro con un PC completamente operativo y perfectamente seguro. Comodo CIS merecía reinstalar Windows limpiamente con una nueva instalación de Windows 10 y desde entonces todo ha funcionado perfectamente. La configuración de Cruelsyster es realmente ideal. Vuelvo a ser el usuario CIS muy satisfecho de siempre. Gracias por tu perseverancia y por ayudarme a ver las cosas de otra manera. Sin vuestra tenacidad me habría dejado vencer por la impaciencia, cuando bastaba con seguir vuestras ilustradas recomendaciones. Muchas gracias de nuevo a todos. ¡Me voy durante los próximos 15 años a Comodo CIS! Para otros usuarios: no se desanimen si algo sale mal, los chicos del foro les ayudarán a que su configuración vuelva a funcionar perfectamente. Muchas gracias a todos. Lo malo de la historia es que antes de encontrar los fallos en una versión beta, primero comprueba que su PC sea 100% fiable. Gracias al equipo por tomarse el tiempo para lanzar un producto que vale la pena. Dejo mi mensaje en varios idiomas para corregir la mala impresión dada completamente erróneamente. Ahora estoy volviendo a la vida profesional. ¡Los mejores deseos para el futuro!


Takes about 8 seconds here, I reckon I have around 600 rules.


This post is a more in depth response to the controversial post by Varan-de-C0m0d0 in which incorrect claims were made that CIS would be missing self protection and various forms of protection. His claims are based on a flawed understanding of how CIS works.

The aim of this post is to take away possible fear and uncertainty that may arise after reading the offending post. I use references to the manual of CIS and a post from Melih (Comodo’s CEO) to show that these protections are all present.

1. Protection of personal data
Protected Data Files and Folders:

3. USB Protection
Device Control Settings:

10. Self protection
CIS will protect its self as its files and folders are part of Protected Files :

CIS is the nanny of program behavior, it is not the nanny of user behavior. CIS will allow the user to destroy the system where it will prevent programs from doing so. The examples the user’s opinion is based upon are user initiated actions. If he would have written a script trying to do the same actions they would have failed.

11. Registry Protection
CIS has Protected Registry Keys:

13. Protection of personal documents
This is a double of 1. Protection of personal data. Protected Data Files and Folders:

22. Dedicated ransonware protection also suitable for modified and new ransomware
VirusScope Settings:

Virusscope also provides a recognizer specifically targetting ransomware which is also capable of detecting ransomwares that are unknown. The recognizer for ransomware is called recognizerCryptolocker.dll and will be shown under VirusScope Settings.

25. Canceling zero-day malware infestations
Default Deny and Sandbox will prevent as f.e. shown in this post by Melih:

34. HIPS Protection Against Unknown Exploits and Exploits
This is a double of point 25. Canceling zero-day malware infestations.


What exactly are your concerns?

@prodex and @misbah Before posting this I posted a second and more in depth response to Varan-de-C0m0d0’s claims.

Does this post take away your concerns? Do you still have concerns after reading this post? If you do, what concerns do you have?


My concerns only relate to the beta version and installing it on my pc. It’s still a beta version. Beta versions (as in the warning from comodo) should only be installed with reservations or not on a work PC. So I went back to 8012.

I have concerns about a beta version, no matter what software.

There are a lot of errors sitting in front of the PC. You don’t know what someone has done. Experiences of my own from which I learned.

Hi megaherz33,

Thank you for reporting.
May I know your cis and win version ?


Win 11 Canary (25977.1000)
But everything is already working.


The beta does not update AV signatures and website database updates.

This happens on all my 3 Windows installations: Win 11 stable (22621.2428), Win 11 Insider beta (22631.2338) and Win 11 Insider Canary (25697.1010).

May be it is a server side issue?

The image is from my Windows 11 stable

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That’s a proper attitude towards beta versions.

True. We all tinker with our systems to a more or lesser extend and can never assume our specific configuration could not be a factor in what we observe.

Just an example. Before COVID we, the mods, were discussing some reported instability issues one which I also seemed to suffering from. They were not quite reproducible and it was in the process of deliberating that I remembered I had installed an alpha version of the driver of ProcessHacker tool a year ago. There was the source of instability on my system.

We can never assume our system could not be a factor. :face_with_monocle:

While updating CIS on Windows 11 stable my system blue screened. It shows ntoskrnl.exe as the cause so the crash may not be related to CIS.

102123-20531-01.dmp 21/10/2023 18:25:25 0x00000139 00000000`00000003 ffffe30b`dbedf5e0 ffffe30b`dbedf538 00000000`00000000 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+412740 NT Kernel & System Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Microsoft Corporation 10.0.22621.2428 (WinBuild.160101.0800) x64 ntoskrnl.exe+412740 C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\102123-20531-01.dmp 4 15 22621 692.754 21/10/2023 18:26:19

Are you interested in the minidump file? My system did not record a full memory dump.

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Confirmed. Updates are not installed on Win 11 Insider beta.

The updates are working again. I am currently on the Canary build.

The failing update for the recognizer is expected with this beta.