You wanted Trustconnect and wanted it for free!....Well....

Well here it is!

This offer is no longer available :frowning: sorry…

We have a banner on top of it making it ad supported…but at the moment we only promote our own products :slight_smile:

So enjoy!

PS: you still have to create an account (Free).


Thx Comodo. ;D

What happens when we reach 10GB?

Your TrustConnect account will be blocked till the end of current registration period. Then you can connect to TrustConnect again.

See account details on your account page: Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account

I will try it, thanks Melih.

Just wondering, will it sometime be totally free and only sponsored by ads?

the idea is totally free with sponsored ads.

Someone registered and sees following after logging in:

Date from
    2009-10-01 xx:xx:xx 

Date to
    2059-10-01 xx:xx:xx

Seems like it is registration period for which 10 GB are available…

No, it’s a period of product activity (50 years). 10 GB are available per every month, for example from 2009-10-01 till 2009-11-01.

Thanks for clarification, Vadim.
If it’s like you said then it is a very generous gift by Comodo.
(V) (:AGL) :ilovecomodo: :■■■■ (:KWL)

See what banner looks like - i marked it with green border on attached screenshot. Scrolling page down does not remove banner (it is always visible).

Speed is awesome! Browsing is a bit slower than if i use only ISP (which provides 1 mbit/s | download). My connection: wired (ADSL modem), behind NAT.

:ilovecomodo: :ilovecomodo: :ilovecomodo: :comodosavedmylife: :comodo110:

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No offense MElih… Just my opinion …but…
The 10gb limit sucks :frowning:

np Kyle

that’s what we are starting with…
lets see how things go…


Ok :slight_smile: Thanks for making it free btw.

Hi. First of all, thanks for making TrustConnect Free.

But will the banner on the browser be installed as an add-on, or as part of the Web page’s code ?

Most pages you view over TC will have the banner… its added to the Webpage.

Not a Add on.

on some site the banner doesn’t appears so what does this mean??

That means some sites have quite complex structure which comodo “banner developers”
do not want to ruin in order to insert the banner.

I have a problem:

See the error? Well there isn’t any “billing” forms…

do logout and try to sign up to Free TrustConnect as not logged user.

I had tried and that didn’t work either.

I guess I had to create a new account. Then it worked.