(RESOLVED) what is the difference between trustconnect free and trustconnect pro

is any difference between the two and what are they?

The difference between free and paid TrustConnect service:
The free service is:

  • Limited to 10 GB of traffic per month.
  • Location services are not available to free users (i.e. users are not able to select which server they connect to in “Advanced Options”).
  • Free service features small banner adverts.
  • Free service does not allow certain protocols (and ports) to be used. These include FTP, SMTP, NNTP and NTP ( note: POP3 and IMAP protocols ARE allowed, so you can check online mail accounts like Gmail or Yahoo mail. Instant Messengers such as MSN and ICQ can also be used).
  • The proprietary TrustConnect client for RedHat and Ubuntu Linux distributions is not available for free users. Users are, of course, free to use the OpenVPN client to configure the service.

as security, there is no difference?

I thought Trustconnect Free was discontinued?

For security there is no difference.

New subscriptions are disabled, but existing are supported.

Thank you. I was not aware.

Thanks to the 2 ( dlimonov and EricJH) who lost their time, taking my questions. :-TU