You wanted Trustconnect and wanted it for free!....Well....

I tried to sign up while logged in to my account, and while i wasn’t. When I wasn’t i specified that I had an account. Gave me the billing error. Oh and one little side note, it says there were 4 problems but only lists 3.

You have to create a new account on the TC Free Signup page. Using an older account gives that error.

Ah ok, i’ll try it.

Thanx Comodo for Free TC. For continuing of providing TC for free. Really wonderful service.

Never noticed this one before! I know what I’m about to do… ;D

I downloaded it last night. It had the banner as mentioned but my
homepage (yahoo us) switched to yahoo uk i dont live in uk. Also all my google searches brought up euro sites like euro. Can this be changed.

The server TrustConnect routes through is probably in the UK, then. That shows it is doing its job. :slight_smile:

Hey, Has the 10gb bandwidth limit been increased\scratched ? Thats the only thing holding me back from using it :-\

Couple of days ago was checking account’s statistics and 10 gb limit was there.
As for me 10gb is quite sufficient :-X


Hey guy, what do you expect for free?! Someone has to pay for the equipment and elec bill!!!

10Gb is adequate for most people checking their main email account, a bit of browsing, etc. If someone wants to be permanently or more heavily connected to such a service then consider paying up.

Comodo are providing a great range of services, but they do need to get some money back from those people who are using more than a fair share.

If we all lived and worked in Cuba it might be a different matter, we could all be poor, share what we have and be quite happy…but western capitalism unfortunately does not work that way (but I wish it did!)

Sorry about the rant, time to get off my pulpit, but I feel strongly about such things…and sorry if I misunderstood your intentions, but it came across this way.

I downloaded TrustConnect last night and installed it. For those complaining about the 10GB monthly limit, I note that it is very easy to connect or disconnect from TC. Takes less than a minute to do either. The only reason why someone would exceed 10GB would be if they were constantly downloading large video files or streaming video. But why would such persons need to encrypt a video stream? Just disconnect before you stream and reconnect afterwards. The install was easy, BTW, and I am noting very little added latency while surfing using a cable internet connection that is not the fastest under ordinary conditions.

I echo another comment by saying thanks to Comodo for providing this free service. I will probably sign up for the paid service when next I travel outside the USA so I can choose either a US or UK server using the advanced options and be able to stream from Netflix or watch Channel 4.

One question. The billing page shows a price of 49.99 for the annual option and there is a 100GB next to that, the same as appears on the monthly price. I assume i would be correct in thinking that the annual option provides 100GB every month? And not 100GB for the year? Of course i would.

Of course, 100GB every month.

WOW!!! trust connect is free now… thats superb.

Its free state is limited to 10GB transfer a month, so I guess there is a free and a paid version of TC. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it isn’t “now”…this was announced in Sept. 2009. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news. Thanks very much :-TU

OK, this is driving me absolutely crazy!!! I want to get the 7 day trial but when I go to Comodo TrustConnect and click on ANY of the 7 day trial links it takes me to the signup page - where there is ABSOLUTELY NO OPTION TO SELECT THE FREE TRIAL!! Every option involves giving credit card details and choosing a payment plan - SO WHERE IS THE FREE 7 DAY TRIAL?!??!

The REALLY annoying thing is that from that page I tried to submit a support ticket asking the above question but got an even more annoying email back saying I couldn’t submit a ticket unless I had an account - which I can’t create unless I specify a payment option!!! (Big fail Comodo!!)

So why doesn’t this work? what am I missing here? And why does Comodo make us jump through a dozen burning hoops to get a simple 7 day trial?

If someone could help me out here I’d appreciate it - I’m an expert web user (in fact I’m a web developer) but there is nowhere on the Comodo TrustConnect that I can see where or how to ACTUALLY GET the 7 day trial! ??? :-\ :-TD



Erm…I think I ran into this problem too. You have to give your credit card details, and then you get TrustConnect. After 7 days, your card will be start being charged. But before that, you can cancel.

This is what I am guessing will happen.

Thasnks - that’s what I suspected might be the case. Gee, how nice of Comoodo to actually show that on the signup screen… guess new users are just meant to be mind-readers!!

So if I try if for 7 days and then they start charging my card can I still cancel the subscription if I decide in a month or two it’s not for me?

I suspect you can if you pick the monthly plan. Look here it should tell you in here Comodo Trustconnect Subscriber Agreement

found it

10.2. Termination by Subscriber. Subscriber may terminate this Agreement at any time by sending notice of the cancellation to Comodo is not responsible for cancellation emails sent to the wrong email address even if Comodo is aware of the email or cancel request. Your account will be terminated within 24 hours of Comodo’s receipt of your cancellation notice at the proper email address. If you are part way through a monthly billing cycle, the remaining days in that cycle are forfeited.