You wanted Trustconnect and wanted it for free!....Well....

Thanks again - I was actually going to go and have a look at that a bit later… but now I know I can at least give it a go without having to commit to a long term agreement.

Hi free CTC is working great but when I right click on the CTC tray icon & select " Advanced Options" the “I Want To Connect To Server In” option is grayed out so I can’t use it, is this normal?

Yes, it’s a limitations of free service, see more here:

10 Gb for secure/trust connection is sufficient. I mean it only for secure connections. Comodo is good.

Great news !! ;D ;D Thank you Comodo for this wonderful present !!

Necessary to download TrustConnect or CIS-complet has incorporated.It needs to be download or include in Comodo Internet Security-Complet.

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I was looking for a link on the main Trustconnect site and on the Comodo home trustconnect page for new users to signup with the free version.

I couldn’t find one, maybe we should put a link for people who don’t use the forums so they too can register for the free version and see what a great service this is :slight_smile:

Trustconnect for free!

Thanks for the link but that wasn’t what I meant :-[ I use a paid version of Trustconnect.

What I am talking about is if you go to and under products you find TrustConnect, clicking the signup link only takes you to a page where you can purchase TrustConnect, there is no link on the main Comodo website where you can register for the free account.

After doing a quick search, there is also no link (that I found) that takes you to the main Trustconnect site as well (

Yes, you are right, it should be added. Now this link presents only on Comodo forum.

Do you see this being added soon? I understand if it’s a forum only offer, but if you post it on the main site, I can direct my clients there and after having them try the free version, maybe get Comodo a few more buyers :slight_smile:

At the moment this is just a forum offer. I don’t think there are any plans to make it available through the main website.

i throught the program were paid only so i was using others, but i found this, thx i like and preffer all comodo product :smiley:
and free product XD

The annual 10 gb, is it 10 gb per month? or 10 gb per year? also I assume u have servers in USA right?

Thanks in advance.

Free TrustConnect subscription has 10 GB per month traffic limit.
Yes, we have servers in USA, but you should have the paid TrustConnect subscription to be able to choose one of the access servers located in USA.

What i mean is the limit on paid suscriptions is monthly or yearly?, becuause it just says $$dollars suscription 10GB annual.

It means that a fee is charged for the year and during this year every month you have 10 GB traffic limit.

Thanks for clarifying

I have seen that CTC is also for mac and I wonder if I can share my product CTC with my fiance? I want her to be protect if she uses unknow Wi-Fi places or when she is at the university’s wireless network.

Thanks in advance!


I have seen that CTC is also for mac and I wonder if I can share my product CTC with my fiance?
Yes, you can. But you and your fiance cannot be connected simultaneously using same account.