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Once I tried Comodo Internet Security Pro & it didn’t provide custom install.

Does version 6 Pro provides custom install?

I want to try trustconnect but couldn’t find the trial version. I mean standalone trustconnect.

Hi naren,
I do not know of a trial version for TC.
Free versions are no longer available.

CIS pro does not have TC, only CIS complete.

[b]Secure Wireless Internet Connectivity[/b] (Complete version only) - TrustConnect makes surfing the web safe from any public Wi-Fi location
[url=]Introduction to Comodo Internet Security[/url]

Does Comodo Complete provides custom install?

No TC is automatically installed.

Edit: Some extra information about TC in the link below.
TrustConnect Overview
The help file is our friend. :slight_smile:
Edit2: Corrected information.

You mean no custom install like free version?

You still get your customizable (Opt-out/in) options in the ‘Pro & Complete’ versions the same as the premium version for (DNS. GB. PD, CD, etc).

Except for ‘Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall components. Installing these components in CIS 6.3 is a mandatory requirement if you are a Pro or Complete customer’.

Thanxx for the info.

You are welcome Naren. :slight_smile: