PrivDog Released

PrivDog is now released.

For existing users your browsers will automatically update on the browsers internal update schedule. You can manually update in both FF and Chrome if you choose from the browser’s ad on/settings panels.

The new setup program will be available at The setup is currently propagating to Cnet and may take up to 72 hours to appear. Here’s the direct link to the setup:

The setup has gone through virus total and is verified clearn from all malware and viruses: Here’s the link:

New PrivDog now has Internet Explorer support!
New Update product version to 1.8.0.X
New Increased threat coverage
New Setup improvements
New Site can be added in exception list by pressing “Enter” button Firefox
New Improved performance after switching to JSON configuration IE
New “Do Not Track” mode IE
New Wildcards for exception list IE
New “Select all” option for removing websites from exception list Chrome/Firefox

Fixed defect where: Browser window resize Firefox
Fixed defect where: Setup flag for install does not work Setup
Fixed defect where: Wrong settings after instalation Firefox
Fixed defect where: Ineffeicient performance. Firefox
Fixed defect where: PrivDog button is absent in Toolbar Firefox
Fixed defect where: Wrong threats count increase Firefox
Fixed defect where: Pop-up does not open in full screen mode IE
Fixed defect where: Data in pop-up is wrong after “back” button pressed Firefox
Fixed defect where: Misprint on Exceptions page Chrome/Firefox/IE
Fixed defect where: Website with dot before name can be added to list Exceptions Firefox/Chrome
Fixed defect where: Text doesn’t fit in pop-up when all categories set to “allowed” Firefox/Chrome
Fixed defect where: If plugin is disabled, ads still replaced until browser is reopened IE
Fixed defect where: Counter is increased after moving the cursor over the button of social networks Firefox
Fixed defect where: Scroll bar in pop-up should be only for threats Chrome
Fixed defect where: Pop-up is different for options page Firefox
Fixed defect where: Category names should be aligned to the left Chrome
Fixed defect where: Site can be added to exceptions many times Chrome/Firefox
Fixed defect where: Site that was deleted from the list of exceptions appears after the re-opening browser Firefox
Fixed defect where: Scroll bar appears for the the blank window Chrome
Fixed defect where: Exception list resets after plugin update Firefox
Fixed defect where: Incorrect GUI in pop-up Firefox
Fixed defect where: Pop-up shifted to the right Firefox
Fixed defect where: Total number of threats resets to zero after enabling 3rd party cookie blocking Chrome
Fixed defect where: Site with full path can’t be added to list of exceptions Firefox
Fixed defect where: After plugin update pop-up menu not shown Firefox
Fixed defect where: After plugin update exception list resets Chrome
Fixed defect where: Exception list resets after browser reopening or plugin disabling Firefox
Fixed defect where: Checkbox disappears on exceptions page Firefox
Fixed defect where: Wrong threats counter value Chrome
Fixed defect where: Plugin doesn’t block 3rd party widgets IE
Fixed defect where: “www” part is present in popup threat details IE
Fixed defect where: Dragon plugin uninstall doesn’t work Setup
Fixed defect where: Wildcards in exception list doesn’t work IE
Fixed defect where: Counter in pop-up menu shows wrong data IE
Fixed defect where: Exception list doesn’t work IE
Fixed defect where: Installation path is wrong after setup updating Setup
Fixed defect where: Script error on webpages IE
Fixed defect where: Options panel shows wrong data IE
Fixed defect where: Pop-up is different from other browsers for options page and empty tab IE
Fixed defect where: Part of webpage content is cut IE
Fixed defect where: Plugin doesn’t allow to read mail from IE
Fixed defect where: Error message for IE7 IE
Fixed defect where: loads from cache IE
Fixed defect where: Pop-up menu shows wrong threats data IE
Fixed defect where: Plugin disabled after installation in Chrome Setup
Fixed defect where: Plugin stops working after autoupdate IE

Congratulations on getting the IE version released

Good work guys.

Unless you’re using Comodo Dragon 30.0 88) Can’t update any extensions, guess I’ll have to wait for an update for that in order to update this. =3

Thanks for your effort :slight_smile:

but this problem still happen in the new version of Privdog :-TD

Best Regards

Thanks, i support the idea behind PrivDog. With each releases, it’s getting better.

Downloading from the link in the 1st post, Dragon says malicious file.

Dragon version 29

Chrome/Dragon has false positive. It uses some type of reputations as the site is young. The same file reports OK when downloaded from CNET.

Here’s the link from virus total confirming the file is free from viruses with 47 AV checkers:

SHA256: 7274fae436cb1e7a7fc71c7fc3a3f9ee847ed04a861faf3a8e0b0850b9f097ed
File name: PrivDogSetup_1.8.0.15.exe
Detection ratio: 0 / 47
Analysis date: 2013-11-19 14:37:35 UTC ( 6 hours, 50 minutes ago )

Confirmed here, PrivDog will not update in Dragon 30.

Hi Dch48,
Closing all browsers and running the PrivDog installer should update PrivDog for all browsers (Screenshot).

Kind regards.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I only want the extension, not the executables that come with it.

I uninstalled it coz I didn’t liked it created an entry in msconfig-startup & a process, why it needs these 2 things?

Also uninstall from add/remove uninstalled Privdog from IE only & corrupted Privdog in CD i.e 1 option from preferences disappeared & Realtime cookie blocking was enabled (default is disable)

XP SP3 32
IE 8
CD 29

Hi Sanya IV,
I have disabled the mentioned start-up process and I see no adverse effects.
I will try to find out more about the benefits or the function of this process.
Edit: I have sent Staff a PM in regards to the mentioned process.

Hi naren,
I haven’t tested this, but it sounds like a possible bug.
Bug Reports - PrivDog

Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for Google Transparency Report

[b]Has this site hosted malware?[/b] No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.
But PrivDogSetup.exe is detected as “malicious”. ???


If you are the owner of this web site, you can [url=]request a review[/url] of your site using Google Webmaster Tools.

I too want the extension update only & not other stuffs. For a extension I dont like to have a autostart entry & everytime running process.

I dont use any extension in internet explorer, only CD.

Plzz give the choice to install PD for selected browsers during install. Why do you guys make it unnecessarily complicated. Its simple users would like to install for their choice of browsers only.

Lately Comodo is trying to push stuffs to users, its sad to see Comodo going other vendors way.

Hi Dch48!
Thank you for the feedback! Yes, we know. This error occurs because of Dragon. We will solve this problem.

Hello guys,

You are wondering about the trustedadssvc.exe process which has been put by the PrivDog
setup into the registry as a start-up process. Trustedadssvc.exe is a part of IE PrivDog plugin.
It is a servicing process which works in a background and provides to PrivDog IE plug in instances
an ability to save and share common data. So it constantly stays in the background to speed up
communications with plugin instances. Please don’t worry about it, it’s just a part of IE solution.


Hi Alexander,
Thank you for the explanation and information about this process.

Your time is appreciated, thanks from Captainsticks.

You can uninstall the IE component from Program and Features for those who don’t appreciate it. It can be done quickly.

However it would be nice to have the option with the installer to choose for which browsers to install Privdog.

Sure, expect it didn’t remove any of the executables for me. 88) Don’t know about autorun entries though.

I am not quite sure what you mean here whether you checked that or not.

Don’t know about autorun entries though.

Privdog executable no longer showed up in Task Manager. May be it left behind files on the hd. I did not check that. I did check with Autoruns and found no traces of the PD executable.