[merged]Firefox X Released~can't wait for new CID! Speculations and lamentations

I really would like to see that release.

It is now available.

CID 15 can be found here .

Thanks…had to manually upgrade…again.

Now that Fx 19.0 is out, I guess we can look forward to a new release of CID. ;D

What’s New: Built-in PDF viewer

I guess we can look forward 88)


Well, either way it’s better than looking backward. ;D

What is sleep? have like 4 days left FireFox 19 Final


Sleep this sums up what sleep is :wink:

lockout look-out: Firefox (v.22) ban the use of third-party cookie domains. Only visited site may set a cookie on your computer.

How does Firefox’s new policy compare to the other major browsers?

by Jonathan Mayer: [i]«In short, the new Firefox policy is a slightly relaxed version of the Safari policy…

… Most analytics services, advertising networks, and unclicked social widgets would come within this category…» [/i]


!H, thanks for the follow-up. With Mozilla’s accelerated releases of Fx, it’s hard to keep track of all of the “new” features(?) and changes. I’ll wait for the next CID update, which I think is a better and safer choice.


Comodo Dragon:
— Incognito Mode, at work in which the browser is blocking elements Cookies :-TU
Removed PrivAlert extension :-TD

SecureDNS Service & Web Inspector ? Yes !

I think that Comodo Group (Which Product do you want Comodo to develop next? — we could develop next) in the future elaborate Web browser for smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android) — mini Dragon Mini (WebKit) :-La


as does the Opera Software - Opera Ice

What’s in it for the Web? Security

by Haavard: “I know that “WebKit is not WebKit”, but I argue, in the name of security, that fragmentation should not only be a coincidence, but actually a strategy.”

I’d like just to ask if there are plans for IceDragon 20 to support the newer technologies as Firefox 20 has.
Thank you!

I think Ice Dragon is so good. :-TU

Especially since there are add-ons that are not even available to FF 18.
And can not use add-ons with Ice Dragon 18 :frowning:

Questions to add-on developers for FF have no answer. ???

Pretty sure they always plan to release the new version of CID when a new version of FF comes out. They just need to work on it first. :slight_smile:

merged topics asking about CID releases

…lookin’ like another disappointing weekend…

I look forward to the a new version and the solution of other problems too.

But I think that until there is a new CIS, not to be Ice Dragon (a new version) ?

I would like to get an answer.

When can we expect a new version of the Ice Dragon?


Till now Comodo has usually released new versions about a week after Firefox. But FF 21 has been out much longer than that. So I wonder why there is such a long delay this time.