[merged]Chrome XY Released~can't wait for new CD! Speculations and lamentations


It’s been a little while since CD has been updated…looking forward to a new release! :slight_smile:

+1 :slight_smile:

PS. I do not know if it just is this with Dragon or with chrome altogether (which I think it is) but, they do not work well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking whatsoever. i.e. Whenever I use it in that Browser, my words (in sentences) never seem to come out properly.


You are absolutely right Cyberfox007! It makes almost a week that Chrome was updated. But nothing happens with Dragon anymore… Strange, isn’t it?

Wow…27 is already in development so that means that 25 should have already been in development for Comodo. I stand by my assessment. BTW, I know that the update is tomorrow.

Good to know, thanks for the news!

Dragon is only slightly behind on the Chromium releases these days.

Dragon 25 is now released with some Comodo added functionality.

May I ask when will the official version (Comodo Dragon 25.2) ?

Thank !

What are you asking?

Probably when next version will be released…

EDIT: Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? ;D

Topic locked due to release of V25.2, which can be found in the link in the previous post.
Thank you.

May I ask when will the official version (Comodo Dragon 25.3) ?

Thank !

:wink: ;D

they will not tell you and if they did it would likely get pushed back

Wait until the mushrooms have long

:embarassed: :-\

This is true only some of the time and isn’t it true that CD’s developers are working on the code at the same time as all chromium based browsers? I would think that would be the case.

Will “Comodo Dragon 25.3” when the release of the official version?

Google in the “2013.3 12” release “Chrome 25.0.1364.172” official version.

Delayed for several days.

Wait until the mushrooms have long.

Trouble to respond to thank.

I’ve merged your new topic with your old one. Please do not create any new topics asking the same question.


Stable Channel Update
The Chrome team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 26 to the Stable Channel.

…wonder how long they’re going to make us wait for this?..

…this post will probably get moved (buried) where nobody will see it…

Considering this version only got released today (less than an hour ago it seems), it unreasonable to expect a new version of CD based on it to be released immediately.

If I had to guess, we’ll have CD version 26 within a week or two. Please have patience.

Can’t agree more with you Sal Amander. Week or two? That’s fast! :slight_smile: :-TU

At the end of the day ultradolby1 you can just use Google Chrome if you want fast updates.