[merged]Chrome XY Released~can't wait for new CD! Speculations and lamentations

…? answered - thank you - kind regards…

The Dragon release will come when it is ready. There is no need to try to rush Comodo. It is not going to work.

I agree with you. Comodo is certainly not fast in development, but they do a good job though. :slight_smile:

It seems that version steps like from 25-26, take longer than releases, like from 25.0 to 25.1, come more quickly.

Version 26 has been released.

Comodo Dragon ver 26.0 is now available for download

I know all software has bugs and that’s fine but here lately it seems comodo has had a lot major bugs with dragon lately regarding flash and updating through dragon. I don’t what the deal is with comodo lately. they also seem to have major bugs in other products and then abandon development on them for a year or 2. maybe that’s an exaggeration but I’m not sure. I know they test their software but I just don’t think they do enough or they don’t test enough aspects of their software. cis seams to be the only thing they really try to perfect. don’t get me wrong I love comodo and their products and I’m not trying to put them down but they just don’t seem to have stable products or development for their products

I still like Comodo Dragon - I like the extra privacy features, the clean interface, and the EULA is the biggest reason! I hate Google’s cavalier attitude to my IP and privacy issues. I’m going to use Dragon until if fails me, and then I guess I’ll have to go back to Mozilla.

Internet Explorer 9 broke my password manager last patch Tuesday, so I’m not going back to it.

I’m with you!

Not lately they haven’t. Very disappointed as I have stated in numerous threads here. They’re as bad as my postal carriers. They make you wait all day and then don’t bring what your are expecting. I frankly expected no more issues with Flash with the latest release. Sadly this is not the case.

I’m not a CD user, but would someone humor me and explain why there is such a need and rush for the new (next) release ? On the day of a new release people are all ready asking about when next one will be. I understand some people have been having an issue with Flash, but other than that is there a reason ?

I personally do not see any reason other than maybe excitement or the absence of patience. :wink:


Show a little humility here; after all - most of us probably fled Google because if their cruddy EULA, and embraced Dragon, because they listened to our needs.

Right now, I feel Comodo needs to WAKE UP, and code for Rapport compatibility just like Chrome did. Aren’t you all for security? Isn’t that WHY we went to Comodo in the first place? Huh? ??? :P0l

Hi JCitizen,

Escuse me, humility has numerous meanings but I will take it that you mean a humble attitude.
My attitude is as humble as the next and more humble than many.
My opinion is based on the question “When will the next version arrive?” and not “What new functionality will the next version incorporate?”
If you watch the Forum as closely as I, you will see it gets asked very repetitively.
Are the following comments humble?

...Internet Explorer 9 broke my password manager last patch Tuesday, so I'm not going back to it...
...most of us probably fled Google because if their cruddy EULA...
...Right now, I feel Comodo needs to WAKE UP...
IMO, the answer is no the quotes above are not humble.

Security is high priority, where is it shown that Dragon is not secure or that security is not high on Comodos agenda.
Vulnerabilities in Chrome are not always present in Dragon.

Now please show some respect for a General users (Myself) opinion.
My opinions are equal to your opinions, nothing more and none the less.
If you require any further personal off topic discussion, please do so by sending a PM.
Thank you.

Okay captain - I’ll bite! Thanks for your thoughtful replies! :-TU

Thank you for your understanding, it is greatly appreciated. :-TU

I prefer to use CD for security reasons but I have been asking for an updated release because the current build is not satisfactory to me. I am not the only one judging by the many threads in these forums. Now Google has released Google Chrome 26.0.1410.64. PLEASE tell me an updated less buggy CD will be released shortly! Thank you!

I’m sure the latest Dragon will be released soon.

The Chrome team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 27 to the Stable Channel.

I pretty much never left Palemoon, and/or Firefox, but I have slowly stopped using Chromium since it has never kept up with me. Add-ons work well in Firefox and their usability cannot be replicated in Chromium-based browsers, at least no one makes an extension that works just as great or near-great to what I use in Palemoon.

My rant again is starting with that quote I listed above. That stuff about “Chrome is version this or that” just makes people curious and want to find out what is in it and start that whine about updating altogether.

Sure, I would take it against the Dev team here in Dragon since they cannot keep up, or that is what people see it. Either way, they took a task that is very challenging but users expect progress not short-time/long-time halts.

Users that complain about security features that they don’t even understand need to just stop going to bad sites (torrents, etc.), it is YOUR fault that you get a virus and you feel that you can take it on the browser development for not being safe?
In my honest opinion, if you go to legit sites and don’t just randomly click places that you don’t know you are getting into, you can be using Comodo Dragon 9 and still be okay.

GC 27.0.1453.94.

Comodo Dragon 27 when the official version released ?

Thank you very much.