Any plans to release x64 CD? [Merged]

When is the 64-bit version coming?

I split and merged your post with this existing topic. All we know it is on the road map.

Thanks. So, there’s really no info on it? Shane mentioned it months ago and it’s still nowhere to be seen.

It’s all I know. I just sent a pm to Shane asking if there is any news.

I got word from Shane:

He does not mention a date but it tells us CD x64 is being worked on.

When will Comodo Dragon version for 64-bit. It is google chrome version for 64-bit and that is why I ask.
Comodo Dragon 45 is less stable than Comodo Dragon 43.
As for the game on and

I split and merged your post with this topic. It is in the works but there is no ETA. See my post right before yours.


So, nothing yet?

Nothing yet.

They even cannot maintain current browsers, no need to ask 64bit releases. Just my opinion

Be as it may, this reply was uncalled for, even for an opinion.
The least you could is say that you agree about X64 not coming, or that they are struggling as it is.

Ygido is not a Comodo employee or representative who can be recognised by the Staff avatar. He is stating his opinion as user and observer of Comodo products.

I never implied that he was an employee, nor did care.
His rude remark felt a little overboard, sounds more like saying, “Comodo is pathetic for not being able to keep-up.”
I sure wouldn’t welcome someone coming to my house and allow him/her to call me a “loser” or “pathetic” to my face.

Does my avatar mislead people ? Even I said “They…” while I starting my words. :-\

I am just a volunteer on Comodo forum to help people and hunt malware and bugs.
This is obvious “Comodo cannot maintain many of its product!” I am still behind my words! This may will change in the future but I am talking about curent state.

Believe me, I love Comodo more than all of you. Can you see my post number? This show the experience on forum and my works for Comodo. It is for you and for all Comodo users, this is for community sake.
I do not want bad things for Comodo, I am just a realist, I am not a fanboy!

Comodo has recently hired more developers for the browsers. So I expect the releases of browsers to become better synched. It is work in progress.

It’s 50/50.
50 = We need Comodo to keep-up.
50 = We need Comodo to make the product ready for release, not just slapped together. (I am for this)

That’s good to hear. Is there any hope left for the 64-bit version?

There is no more news.