Any plans to release x64 CD? [Merged]

does comodo plan a 64 bit browser?
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Seems like Chrome are stepping up the release of x64 Chrome with Canary: Chrome Canary Features For Developers - Google Chrome

Does this mean Comodo Dragon will also soon be x64?

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When you see Chrome stable at version 35 for some weeks now and Dragon still 33, you can imagine how long is going to take for whatever new feature to go from canary to dragon…

Hopefully it will be, but who knows how soon. Currently Chrome Canary and Dev (M37) are available as 64-bit versions for Windows, and probably it will be released to the stable channel in about 10 weeks.

See also this topic:


The 64bit Chrome browser exists:

Exist any plan to release a 64bit Dragon?


They can not even manage existing CD. I do not want any other browser from Comodo. :-TD

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Any response from the programmers yet?

Google says x64 is much more stable and quicker in some ways that the normal version.

nothing yet

You can try iron browser if you want to try a secure and private chromium based browser. They have both x64 and x86 (32bit).

But yes, the 64bit browser is faster and starts upp quicker, maybe its placebo, but i feel like pages load faster too. Im running DNS watch servers so maybe thats why. I have tried both iron browser and the original google chrome.

I would love to try a dragon 64bit browser. I really hope comodo will start releasing a 64bit browser soon.

The only thing stopping me switching from Chrome to Comodo is 64 bit.

Please can we have an update if CD 41 will be x64 as well?

It interests me, why was no x64 Dragon developed yet?
Any news about plan to x64 in future anytime?


So, no reason for did not created x64 yet?

The devs have NOT given us any info about a x64 release

Exist any option to contact the devs?
What say melih self about cd x64?

Hi Z3R07,
I have contacted Staff in regards to any future plans for 64-bit releases.
If I find out any information I will post back.

Kind regards.

Thank you much.

Are there any plans for a dragon 64 bit browser like chrome has.

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