COMODO Internet Security HIGH CPU usage 2023

Oh, really?

If you read what I wrote, you would know that I installed this new version (I compared my files to yours - I keep my downloaded files just in case) and THEN I REVERT to my older one, because this new one causes MUCH MORE FREQUENT problem with cmdagent.exe and I must restart my computer twice a day.

Also - you can’t just paste links to new version and have hope that version number changes anything unless you’re sure that this particular problem was adressed in this version. And apparently not.

Thank you for your generic answer though.

Hi uzz,

Sorry for the trouble.
Could you please provide us the screenshot of cmdagent.exe/CIS.exe causes high cpu usage with the CIS version ?


No, I could not. I do not want to install again worse version.
Read whole topic and lot of other topics - as I said, lot of people had this problem for years, so probably you already have dozens of screenshots.
Or just imagine - task manager with 90% CPU on cmdagent.exe. All task managers looks similar, so…

I described everything very clear, you don’t need to look at pictures to undersand (I hope) even if my english isn’t as good as I want it to be (not my native language)…

Please, just once, focus on fixing bug in code, not on looking what may be wrong on user’s side. Unless you think Comodo code is 100% bug free and people who complain about freezing cmdagent for years are just joking.

I provided links, lot of informations, but still don’t get any serious answers - is any programmer ever trying to find cause of this? If yes - what he discovers? What he fixed? When?
You see - I also have lot of questions. I just want to be sure that someone actually works on this, not waiting until someone provide ready solution with 500% proof and slideshow.

For now my cmdagent.exe is working ok and it’s most of the time, so it’s not really easy to reproduce this bug on user’s side. I can’t. But clever programmer should be able to find a bug.

EDIT: You know, acutally I could install this version, because I am not 100% sure that my Comodo updated itself to I uninstall my old first and try to install this new one. I just want to be sure if it wouldn’t be waste of my time - do you have any info that between and this issue was fixed. Any changelog like “fixing problem with cmdagent.exe high CPU usage”? Because changing number version itself is not magical solution for all problems.

Release notes page: Release Notes though more things were fixed that weren’t listed. 8012 is the current stable version has has been for some time and resolved a number of issues. It’s worth trying that version so @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT can assist.

Last info about cmdagent is “Defect where ‘Cmdagent.exe’ consumes 40-50 % CPU constantly in some cases.” from version
Well, not fixed enough I guess.
I’ll try later that great new version. Preferred after I get info that the proble was fixed.

And I must restart again…

Nothing is downloading or uploading right now, no tool can show anything, procmon do not show any activity and yet - it uses data in his internal loop.

EDIT 2: I installed version after completely uninstall old version, removing leftovers and all Comodo registry keys and basically everything. So it’s firewall “clean” install. We will see how long until cmdagent.exe jumps over xx%.

HI uzz,

Thanks for sharing the information.
Kindly check with CFW v12.2.2.8012 and let us know your cmdagent.exe consumes cpu status .
However we will check this issue with the latest CIS beta and update you.


As I said - I already installed Firewall v12.2.2.8012. Look at “EDIT2” in my post (at the end).

Hi uzz,

Are you getting high cmdagent.exe cpu usage in CFW v12.2.8012 ?


As I also said - it’s not every time. It needs time. Today is my first day of work and we will see later (or even after few days).

After first day cmdagent.exe works fine. We will see later - give me few days.
But I start to think that something may be wrong about updating process - maybe not everything updates as supposed to. Few times I read this advices about reinstalling Comodo to fix a problem and problem with cmdagent.exe returns from time to time. It may be then not process itself, but some bug in update (when new version is released and people made update, cmdagent starts behave wrong, so people complains about it no matter what version they’re used). I’m only guessing, but my problems was always after updating firewall. And I’m using Comodo Firewall for years.

I was having the same problem with the latest version I have a license key by the way I uninstalled it and put in that new beta system you have for 2024 I’m still having the same extreme High CPU usage

Well, so far after few days nothing - everything works. We will see. :slight_smile:
But uninstalling and installing new version would be not sufficient. I also deleted all Comodo related keys from registry and files from drive before I installed new version. And of course I am using only Firewall installer, not that “internet security” one. So far so good.

UPDATE: Well, and again - cmdagent.exe and his favorite 8% CPU all the time.

So, as I expected - new version, old version, the same bug, no matter what.

I suggest to release another version, fix completely different things and recommend to test it. :slight_smile:

As I said - it’s rare, it doesn’t happen every day, but it happens and then the only solution is to restart PC.

At least made some button like RESTART CMDAGENT or whatever. Can’t find a bug for years - just made working workarond.

Properties from Process Hacker.
It’s strange, because there is no read/writes (only “other”).

I/O Other Bytes - The number of bytes transferred in input/output operations generated by a process that are neither reads nor writes, including file, network, and device I/Os. An example of this type of operation would be a control function. I/O Other Bytes directed to CONSOLE (console input object) handles are not counted.

Zero disk read/writes, zero internet, but it still working and processing (probably itself) even when I disable completely internet card and basically all activity. CMDAGENT just “working” - made some crazy internal operations in loop.

Hi uzz,

Thank you for providing the information.
We are monitoring cmdagent.exe cpu usage with the latest CIS beta, so far there is no cmdagent.exe consumes high cpu.
However we will take your concern to the team notice and update you.



Thank you for reporting.
Could you please share us the screenshot of cmdagent.exe consumes high cpu usage ?
CIS version ?
Win version ?


This is just guessing, but I noticed something (or it was a coincidence).
Problem usually starts when something that downloads/uploads lot of data (like Steam or just browser or anything) is closed or terminated. Somehow MAYBE Comodo just do not handle it proper - process disappears and Comodo still processing it or wait for for some reason. If I good remember, i didn’t notice any problems (I think, but I’m not 100% sure) when all programs works even with heavy internet usage. But late evening, when I close most of programs, this happens.
Just a hint.

And what about adding simply button - “restart cmdagent”?
Since this process is heavily protected, only internal Comodo option can do that. It would be not a soluition, but nice workaround (better than system restart).

Hi uzz,

Thank you for providing the inforamtion.
We will test and update you…


But please, consider somethng that allows user to restart cmdagent. Button or even separate mini-tool. (2.3 MB)

Small video from ProcessHacker shows this time about 18% CPU.

As I said - too many programs working / closing etc. and cmdagent.exe is completely crazy, works itself etc.

Rest of processes are not related (screen grabber, offline programs etc).
No matter what process I kill - cmdagent.exe is still working at the same CPU utilization.

And believe me - it is the same way for YEARS. So maybe, MAYBE this time someone can really investigate it looking at code, not at user’s computers. I had win7 with the same problem years ago, my wife different computer had the same problem on win10, then I have the same on win10 and now on win11. Different computers, different Windows versions, different Comodo Firewall versions - problem is the same.

Made that restart button at least - I don’t have any hope that you’re able to fix it for good since you never fix it before.

Hi uzz,

Thank you for providing the video.
We will take this to the dev team.