Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

Although the current beta build is stable, if you are going to install on a production system, Best Practice is to:
1). Wait for the officially released version
2). Uninstall the old version
3). Install the officially released version and do not import previous configurations (start fresh).


Is this beta still too risky because it is a beta?

Not at all risky, and these beta’s are geared toward those few who had issues with 8012 (actual protection is superb with the old build and the beta).

But as I suggest doing a fresh install without saving previous configurations, there is no overriding need to do this with all of the beta’s. Better to wait for the official release, although those with the time and inclination would have no issues.

Not only the Betas is risky, older versions are risky too because they thrash all the HIPS rules in registry when using a “wrong” advanced setting…

Thanks for the clarifying answers! So far I haven’t had any problems with the protection of beta version 2.

Hi All,

Hope the latest CIS beta version works compatible at your end.
And the bugs which are reported with this version are taken to the team notice and they are working on it.
@ALL Is the cmdagent.exe consumes high cpu usage in this new CIS beta version ?
FYI: As we could see that the cmdagent.exe consumes high cpu usage in the CIS/CFW v12.2.2.8012 intermittently, but we couldn’t able to see such high cpu usage of cmdagent.exe in the latest CIS beta version.if anyone facing it kindly let us know.


Can you send me installer of FIREWALL (not CIS) in beta version? Where can I download firewall installer beta (I really REALLY don’t want Security Center or AV module - even inactive).
And - what is more important - are you sure that someone actually fixed that bug, or is just “fixed” because nobody reported it (because is beta and less people using it)?
If nobody change even one line of code to fix it, then it will be not a fix, but some wishful thinking that maybe different number magically changes anything.

It comes as one installer. You just uncheck the component you don’t want to install e.g. AV or FW.

No, CIS and Firewall have two separate installers. It is different, because:

  1. if you’re installing Comodo Internet Security and uncheck AV module - it installs software where you can find inactive/not installed module, but is still available to download/install and unless you do it, it shows that you’re not fully protected.
  2. If you installing Comodo Firewall, it has no AV option or even possibility to install it later and since you enable firewall, it will show you “You’re ok” and do not ask for installing additional AV module to be “fully protected”.

Unless I’m wrong and when I uncheck AV, it will install firewall only WITHOUT possibility to install AV later and without information that I have something not installed/missing.

Hi uzz,

Since the current CIS is beta version of comodo internet security 2024 premium release, so it is releasd as a one installer.
As @EricCryptid said kindly use the current installer and uncheck the AV & check the issue.


I prefer to get answer to my question, because I still don’t know what will I install when I uncheck AV. Comodo Security without AV or just Firewall alone (without any AV options)? And since I don’t see any informations that problem was actually fixed on changelog, I don’t want to “try” anything just because is newer. I installed too many “new” versions already. Sorry.

Hi uzz,

When you uncheck the Av component, it’s installs only firewall.


Ok, I installed it, was a little sceptical, but it works - just firewall.
We will see about cmdagent.exe after few days.
Thank you.

I have been using Comodo since ever and no complains.

I am using the beta release 2 since it was release and there is no issues. I think it is stable enough.

I have to add that I installed a new windows before installing Comodo beta 2, cause I had an issue with windows.

Hi uzz,

Kindly check and let us know your feedback.
Also check your inbox for pm to collect the performance log while you encounter cmdagent.exe consumes high cpu usage.


Can I download it through

@radek178 It’s not available to update through the internal updater at the preset as the final stable version has not been released.

I understand, but if I remember correctly, in the older version of Comodo FW you could set up different update servers and they allowed the beta to be downloaded. Can’t do that here? (proxy and hosts settings)

Hi radek178,

Thank you for reporting.
The CIS v12.2.2.8012 is not supposed to update to this new CIS version in anyway as it is released as beta. .


I think we do not understand each other. My Comodo Firewall has not updated to the new beta version. I just wanted to see if it would work, because in some older versions of Comodo it did.

Will the new beta CF work with Kaspersky free AV?