COMODO Internet Security HIGH CPU usage 2023

Today it is at 25% before I even close programs.
And I must work, so my CPU will be a little more hot.

Please, encourage your programmers to look at code, give them an idea for restart cmdagent button, whatever. I don’t want to switch to some ZoneAlarm after all these years of using Comodo. And I have not so big choice if we’re talking about firewalls without AV.

I think this is because the cmdagent.exe process is currently writing to cislogs.sdb the events that are occurring, especially if a program such as Process Monitor is open. This is because the memory of the protected process is being accessed at this point, so such events are being written at that point and therefore there is increased activity on that side.

So, in general, the file is used to save logs of given events (a kind of log).

As for the CPU usage, I didn’t notice that it was under any significant load.

Ok, so after I installed that CIS beta and unchecked AV component before installation, it actually installs only Firewall, which makes me happy.
And, surprise, surprise, no cmdagent.exe problem for few days now. But we will see - I must watch for it a little longer.

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I knew it! I just knew it!
What a waste of time.
cmdagent still eating cpu.

GUYS! Please!
If something is not in changelog and if something is a problem for MANY YEARS that means - IS NOT FIXED!

Isn’t it obvious?

The same problem, no matter how many times you recommend to install “updated version”, “beta version” or ANY OTHER version! This cmdagent will be stuck on high cpu no matter what! You know why?

BECAUSE is bad written! For years! Sure - if you test it by using your computer for browsing Facebook and sending small emails to your friends, it will probably work. But really - try some hardcore work including opening lot of programs that utilizes internet connection, then close them etc. After 10 hours of working (yes, I am work a lot, computer is not just my hobby, is also something I must using all the time in my work) it will begin behave like that.

So now, after I finally proove that I had right and problem exists not because I am not tried some beta/sheta/whatever magic version (magic, because according to Comodo stuff here, it MAY work just because version number increase), but because Comodo Firewall has a bug. Bug that nobody cares and probably not even single programmer tried to fix. For years.

I suggest two things:

  1. Stop giving advices like “update Comodo” if you’re not absolutely sure that it contains specific fix, otherwise you’re just wasting people time.
  2. Or just release another version with bigger number without any changes - who knows, maybe version number is very important and problem somehow disappears.

I am disappointed and a little angry, because I bet that meanwhile I was testing two or three versions (including beta), not even single programmer review single line of code to find this problem.

But seriously - just add option to restart cmdagent.exe - it will be at least working workaround. And I think not very difficult to write. For sure better than restarting computer.

I sent you three screen shots that you asked for you should have all the information you need it’s actually pretty load today it’s only around 26% to 29% but it’s constant it never stops and it can go as high as 97% and I have to completely shut down and restart


And this problem will be there forever.
Since is the same problem for YEARS and I doubt that programmers wants to dig that deep, it would be always looking for workarounds like “try new version, maybe we fixed it”.
Well, if they would know for sure what causes that (it requires deep investigation on programmer’s side, not screenshot from users), it would be fixed long time ago.
I switched to different firewall - worse, but at least do not freeze with eating my CPU.

I send a proposal that they at least add button to restart Comodo service (or cmdagent service), but I get no answer (that part of my posts was ignored). This at least would be some workaround - how to unfreeze Comodo without system restart.