COMODO Internet Security 6.0.264710.2708 Released!

Hello Everyone,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 6.0.264710.2708. This is a monthly maintanence release which addresses some of the minor issues reported last few weeks such as incompatibility with SandboxIE or Bamboo Tablet drivers etc.

For a full list please check Comodo Internet Security Release Notes

If you are a 6.x user, you should be able to use Updater to update to this build.

We have not issued updates to the 5.x users yet. They will be updated in February. However if you want to upgrade now, you can use this installer for upgrade.

You can download the latest builds from all comodo web pages. However here is the link to CIS Premium for your reference:

Change log:
Improved: Compatibility between some programs and sandbox/kiosk
Improved: Additional languages are now supported
Fixed: Virtual Keyboard can be intercepted by certain key loggers
Fixed: Advanced Settings Editor sometimes hangs
Fixed: BSOD or Black Screen on Windows 8
Fixed: Flash player plugin is erroneously auto-sandboxed
Fixed: MSN Messenger can’t start IE if IE is configured to run in sandbox
Fixed: CIS can’t run GB on Windows 8
Fixed: Web Browsers cant connect to the Internet when running in SandboxIE
Fixed: Files cannot be moved from unrecognized files to trusted files
Fixed: Realtime scanner doesn’t scan certain archives
Fixed: Cancel button sometimes does’t not function in manage exceptions dialog
Fixed: Incompatibility with Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch graphics tablet driver
Fixed: ‘system’ process is missing in running processes list
Fixed: Java won’t start if Firefox, Palemoon, Dragon is running Sandboxed
Fixed: Comodo Firewall doesn’t intercept HTTP packets for browser when installed Avast Free Antivirus


Edit: added change log. Eric

Much appreciated!

Thanks Egemen and Comodo. :-TU
Installed smoothly via the program updater.

Indeed thank you!!
All running smoothly thus far Windows 8 pro 64bit.

I’ll put this here for now, will create a bug later. With 2708 individual firewall rules cannot be rearranged within a group. Basically, selecting a rule within a group and selecting move up or down causes the entire group to move.


Noticed that also, you have to edit the group to be able to move/up down now, very inconvenient…

Could not update from the “Program Updater”, I am in INDIA.

But, downloading and updating from installer went fine.

One small glitch is that it hijacked my browser settings (Firefox) and changed everything to Yahoo…

Can someone please point me to the Program updates location to refer in “Comodo Offline Updater” ?

Previously, for CIS 5 it was “cis/download/updates/release/inis_1800”

Updated through the GUI on both Win7 and Vista with no issues. Now to do my older XP machine.

I just confirmed this on my system as well.

which languages ​​have been added ?

Note sure if any have been added or not, but the list is currently…

thank you very much

Will this update from within 5.10 or no? For preserving settings.

edit: Any idea also if “slowdown” bugs etc have been ironed out, or should we wait for more updates?

Congratulations on the release.

Hi SivaSuresh, please use cis/download/updates/release/inis_2001

Congrats with the release. I just updated using the updater on my Win 8 netbook and Win 8 deskop.

good job guys!

Thank you !