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That IS pathetic :smiley:

I could tell you how i find you, too. But this is the internet. I dont know you. And it has no use to speak about people in a forum.

Thats why i suggested to you to use quoting, as long as you dont respond to the post above you. Even then quotes can be usefull.

I have no idea why you can see an explaining post to be rude, when its even with a smile.

Get used to forums. There are some things to keep an eye for. Like language and expectation and reception. If smeone is rude, you and others will notice it without a doubt.

No, I find no need for quotation, or perfect english on a forum!

Oh, and thank you for starting a post all about me!

As much as I’d love to chat all night - I am on-call tonight and I am off to Accident & Emergency to see a patient

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