COMODO Internet Security 6.0.264710.2708 Released!

Dear Egemen,

Just to be sure. I am still using 5.x . I can use this latest installer and preserve all my current setting, right?


It will save your current settings as another configuration but by default, they wont be activated. You will need to switch to this config.

Was this the web shield problem?
Just wonder because it says for browser.

This issue is not fixed.

The explorer.exe can be injected by the malware.

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Need egemen make a confirmation. :embarassed:

Someone said this one occurs in XP 32bit only.

Sandboxie still not working for me. It still freezes when firefox first opens. I was hoping that when I saw sandboxie compatibility my issue would have been fixed.

Updating now. Hoping for a little bit of good change . :wink:

yes. Next cycle i.e. end of February. That update will have a bunch of hips fixes including this one.

yes XP 32 bit only. It cant happen in other OSs.

Wondering this as well.

Hope we get an Advanced Interface Option too… A request…
Will skip v6 till Feb End :a0

Efforts appreciated guys…!

Yeah not excited to manually update and have the PC slow down, hopefully by the autoupdate that problem is fixed for me…

WOW I thought it was the original V6 final topic … already 3 pages ^^
thanks to ALL THE DEVS.

Congrats on the release

Tried v6, went back to the latest of v5. Why the UI change? it’s horribad, I mean, v5 UI is perfect, I did not know of the UI change till I tried v6, it is a complete mess, thing popping up on my desktop as if like a desktop gadget by comodo, I have no idea, thank goodness for true image. I hope that bug fixes are put forward to v5. What ever v5 turns into, I hope that the UI stays the same. It’s a firewall, please keep that way.

Hi NexarusVoluptuous,
It probably was the Comodo widget, which does have numerous ways to disable if not required.
Give V6 a chance, IMO the severe change is getting written off to quickly.
Future versions are having some GUI enhancements which hopefully caters for more users.
IMO I would dread going back to V5 now I have got used to V6.

Wildcards(* and ?) still can’t be added to firewall rules, though they work just fine for HIPS rules. All that needs to be done is to unlock the grayed out path box so users can manually type in whatever they need. This is important because certain programs(for example if you’re compiling builds of a network-capable application) will spawn different-named apps that need internet access, and it’s annoying to have to allow every single one when you could simply allow the folder where they’re contained.


Just updated automatically to the new version.

My system:
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit fully updated
Comodo CIS 2013 Premium (no other firewall/antivirus, etc.)

The program itself updated without a problem. However, after it did, the green (secure) indicator turned red (not updated). When I tried to update the virus definitions, I downloaded 101 MB, but at the finalising stage it gave me an error (“Class not registered”). I’m running my system without the latest definitions at this time.

Any help will be most welcome. Thanks in advance.


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Hi laneseda,
Did you reboot the system after the program update?