COMODO Internet Security 6.0.259057.2639 BETA Released - DOWNLOADS SUSPENDED

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security/Antivirus/Firewall 6.0.258294.2626 BETA is ready for your review.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support during the BETA testing of 2013 family! Thanks to your feedback and the excellent work of our teams worldwide, we have addressed 349 bugs and made 114 improvements over the last BETA. You can see a selected set of these in release notes section below.

At a glance, this release provide major bug fixes and serious improvements in UI. You have been requesting more detailed status information or ease of use while using advanced settings dialogs etc. We tried to address all your concerns as much as we can for this release scope. They were unplanned however we have chosen to postpone the final release date as much as 2 months to address some of these concerns(Please thank Melih for this).

Bug Reports

Please use the following thread to post formatted bugs

Download Locations
[Mod edit by mouse on 11 December: Downloads temporarily suspended while a bug or bugs that would make testing difficult are fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience].
Superceeded by release.
We have issued an update wiht the following fixes:

What’s New in 6.0.259057.2639?

FIXED! Killswitch consumes too much CPU
FIXED! Killswitch does not exit properly
FIXED! Virtual Kiosk hangs in some computers
FIXED! Submission status dialog is shown during cloud scanning
FIXED! Browser home pages are changed to Yahoo after opting out
FIXED! Kiosk does not fit to VMWare screen
FIXED! KillSwitch doesn’t handle rating for processes which launched from network location
FIXED! Ping command doesnt work inside sandbox
FIXED! No ‘Run in COMODO Sandbox’ function in right-click menu before reboot
FIXED! Killswitcxh deosnt allow blocking files
FIXED! Various fixes in Russian language translation
FIXED! CLT.exe running as ‘Sandboxed application’ is not placed in the list ‘Show only Sandboxed Processes’

What’s New in 6.0.258294.2626?

IMPROVED! The desktop widget now have common tasks pane and status pane which shows # of sandboxed apps, unrecognized files etc.
IMPROVED! Killswitch now shows the traffic per process by default(should run as admin)
IMPROVED! Maximize window support added to relevant dialogs such as advanced settings, Quarantined items windows etc.
IMPROVED! Right click menu has been added to grids in relevant dialogs such as advanced settings
IMPROVED! Sound effects are used in alert windows to grab users’ attention
IMPROVED! Log viewer has been redesigned to fir CIS 6 theme
IMPROVED! Offline virus database update functionality - Import Virus Database feature has been introduced
IMPROVED! File submission and lookup operations have been introduced
IMPROVED! Reboot reminder alert has been introduced to various places
IMPROVED! Diagnostics download missing files from the Internet
IMPROVED! Error log in updater is now accessible for more information
IMPROVED! Web Browser Data Folders file group has been created so that it could be added to sandbox exceptions to preserve various browser data e.g. downloads, bookmarks, chrome apps etc.(Not added by default currently)
IMPROVED! Configuration editor and virus scanning operations can now be performed in safe mode
IMPROVED! Better keyboard support(Press and hold ALT key to see options)
IMPROVED! Non-blocking grids with progress(e.g. trusted files, submitted file etc.)
IMPROVED! Trust connect integration reintroduced
IMPROVED! Upgrade to paid products is now possible
IMPROVED! Browse processes dialog has been improved
IMPROVED! Verbose mode for HIPS alerts added to configuration list
IMPROVED! Added an option to disable cache builder for antivirus
IMPROVED! Help buttons added to all dialogs
FIXED! cmdagent constantly access disk
FIXED! Behavior Blocker does not intercept some COM related operations for auto-sandboxed apps such as PCFlank leak test
FIXED! Windows 8 black screen of death on some computers
FIXED! Computer freezes after resetting sandbox
FIXED! Sandboxed bittorent doesnt function properly
FIXED! Sandboxed IE cannnot browse certain web pages with flash support
FIXED! Sandboxed browsers leak memory on some flash based web sites
FIXED! Cannot sandbox Dragon/Chrome if an instance is already running
FIXED! Password protection doesnt work in UI and Kiosk
FIXED! Firewall creates popup alerts in Game mode
FIXED! It is not possible to set Chrome/Dragon as default browser when they run in sandbox
FIXED! CIS consumes too much CPU while applying actions in scan windows
FIXED! Smart screen window closes automatically in Kiosk on Windows 8
FIXED! HIPS does NOT stop screen capturing/key logging when unknown apps run outside the sandbox
FIXED! CIS cant be started if cmdagent is disabled
FIXED! Web Browser option is missing in firewall alerts
FIXED! CIS alerts for shell32.dll after hibernation
FIXED! CIS shows undefined popup alert
FIXED! BSOD while running backup with shadowprotect
FIXED! AV alert freezes while applying some actions or being shown
FIXED! BSOD in kiosk during Firefox update
FIXED! Firewall creates alerts with random process names for IGMP


Thanks Egemen! Downloading now! :smiley:

Thank you for this beta release, Egemen.

Thanks for the update and thanks for really taking your time with the overall quality of the product :-TU

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lots of bugs corrected, and improved features.
Now is the time.
Beta 2, downloading…now.

Thank you COMODO Team :-TU

Downloading Now

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excellent work guys!

Congratulations Team!! (:CLP)

Can this release be used as a normal release would be? i.e. Does everything work, so you can use this on a desktop machine? :slight_smile:


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I hope the “Bug reports” section for this new beta will be less occupied :wink: ;D

What should I expect to see if I enable:

Verbose mode for HIPS alerts added to configuration list.

Why is the “option to disable cache builder” introduced ? does it improve or decrease performance/resource usage, when is it needed ?

Curse my early work day tomorrow Shakes fist I will DL and test it out tomorrow :smiley:

CIS behavior blocker of the beta2 can not block this one.

this isnt the place to report bugs

The most impressive changelog I’ve ever seen!!!
Do you guys ever sleep???!!! :-TU

Well done! Thanks all your devs and Melih.

When will we get the update?

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I like sounds and new widget.

beta updates are never pushed through the program update. its best to do a fresh install

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