COMODO Internet Security 6.0.259057.2639 BETA Released - DOWNLOADS SUSPENDED

Thank you Melih… :-TU :-*

I have installed it on my VM and here are my initial observations.

[i]I am suffering from fever so can not work long on computer. I would like to just point out the issues I noticed immediately so that others would benefit from it.

I will present all these issues in “Bug Reports” section later when I fully recover.[/i]

Thanks a lot…
clicking on the sandboxed apps button in widget brings “additional software is required” (Killswitch) dialog. I still do not understand why the DEVs are so keen on not integrating it in the CIS installer, if it is required for the normal operation and common features of CIS. For offline systems, still there is no way we can do anything with “sandboxed apps”, other than to restart the whole system.

After searching for a while, I found that “Network Received Delta Traffic” was actually what I commonly know as “Receive Rate” ???, it is not even showing KB/s ???, it is only showing KB (which may suite the word Delta). It’s quite confusing and non intuitive too. Please make it more readable.

killswitch does not run as admin when invoked from any of CIS windows, like watch activity or show sandboxed alerts
It shows a small “run as admin” icon in the right bottom beside the version number. after clicking it it restarts as admin.

Is there a way to make killswitch always run as admin ? May be a configuration option…

Still no “maximise” button for “Scan” results windows. :-TD

Tried it and it is working. But, hey, you need to believe that it works… :P. There is no indication whether the file has been imported or the database has been update, particularly it takes some time to update DB, so I myself was tempted to re import the file again and again before it actually did the importing.

Please show some kind of indication that the file has been accepted and is importing bases from it. After completion of import, a dialog such as “Data base import successful, the database has now been updated to version xxxxx” would be more pleasant.

That’s very cool…Thanks a lot. 8)

when I enter the password and hit “enter” nothing happens. It only accepts a mouse click on the “OK” button.
Please consider these minor issues too… (it has always been the case with all COMODO products and has been reported many times…)

What does it actually do ?

What does it do ?
Does it cause “less Resource usage”/“Performance increase” ?

Other Issues

  1. If I try to install the new build on top of the old build without actually uninstalling it (I did it accidentally), it does not warn about the presence of an old CIS build, it does not even object. It shows a 100% progress and silently dies.

CIS is not updated, and infact the new installation fails silently but shows “100% completed” message.

  1. Still there is no way to configure “context menu scans”, it is particularly very annoying to me as it starts scanning all the archives when I start a right click scan of a folder or pendrive. Please make it at least in the next build.

  2. The “Common Tasks” pane in the widget only shows the first five items in the CIS “Taskbar”. Is there a way to change this, I would like to have all the items I pin to my CIS taskbar to show up there. I can scroll by clicking “>” or “<” in CIS UI, but how do I achieve this in the widget ?

  3. If killswitch is running and minimised, clicking the “show sandboxed processes” in the widget does not do anything. It is not bringing up the minimised killswitch (might be a bug)

  4. Quick scan fails if it fails to update database (say, no internet connection) with “scan aborted” message. I think this is a serious bug. The expected behaviour is that it should continue the scan even if the update fails.

  5. CIS should somehow discriminate the other sandboxed apps from the 4 reguarly running sandboxed apps (cmdvirth.exe, 3 svchost.exe processes run by CIS itself).

It is illogical to always show that 4 applications are running in sandbox, it would be confusing too. It is very much required to some how separate these processes from the list and count and make it show “0” in normal operation.

  1. Please mention which items are controlled by password protection. I would also like to have an option to control what items are controlled by password. (already posted in wishlist)

  2. When I export the configuration and import it on another machine, it does not contain
    “update” settings (proxy/server settings, etc.),
    “widget” settings (which panes are visible),
    “Taskbar” settings (items pinned to taskbar)…

  3. Still no “search/filtering” in any lists…

That’s a long list and that’s it for today guys, got to go to hospital. If possible I will try to make more comprehensive report later.

Thanks again for the great effort and great product…

Note: I would be very happy and appreciate a lot if any member is ready to verify and report the above mentioned issues in “Bug Reports” section in proper format. (I may no be able to do it soon…)

Thanks egemen ;D

I hope sound effects can be disabled for warnings. I used to like them in avast! but now i don’t like them. Hopefully they can be disabled here as well like in avast!..

1.The location of the file is
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\sounds\alert.wav

2.You can untick this one in the picture.

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Cool. Updating all my systems now. I see they also fixed the purging bug on trusted list. Good work Comodo team (and also everyone reporting bugs). This beta has matured nicely and even though BETA1 was perfectly usable even for everyday use, BETA2 is even better. Waiting for the final release is no problem now since it’s already so stable.

+1 They have worked hard, BIG congrats to the team! :-TU

Thank you. Awesome job! :love:

thank you :-TU

:-TU Wow! now we know why it took so long to bring us the new beta.So many fixes and improvements to stability, happy old me, here we go i am downloading right now…


the info (version, av database etc) in the about screen can now be highlighted and copied, this was a long requested feature :-TU

Can the users import the virus database downloaded from the website?

yes its under the about dialog. it says import virus database. then u will browse to the cav file.

hello, thank you great build, may I ask what verbose mode is please? thank you. :-TU


this sounds really promising. I’ll give it a try. But I don’t get this one:

I would expect, that a sandboxed application is not able to change the default browser!?

That probably only applies inside sandbox itself. So if you run a link file it opens up your prefered default browser.

1.The verbose mode is disabled.

  1. The verbose mode is enabled.

Impressive changelog. O0

Thanks for your efforts under very adverse circumstances - clearly beyond the call of duty.

I hope you are feeling a lot better soon

Best wishes


Well done to Egemen and the team. 340 bug-fixes is impressive over the time since last release.

Thanks also for the somewhat longer fix list than usual, and for listening re usability changes. Also for the thanks to bug reporters.

But please please could we have a link to the full fix list. This lets people who don’t have the time to re-test know you are attending to their issues. It also prevents bug reporters who do have time wasting it by re-testing bugs you know have not been fixed.

Many thanks again

Best wishes


It truly is nice to see people working together with developers to form a great security product.

Thanks for listening to users, Melih and Team!