Off topic comments about waiting for TVL fix for beta 2

Do not need to uninstall build .2639 this time I suppose ?

I hope they release a program update as well along with the full installer as the released .2639 version supports program updates.

waited for very long this night… Day already changed here in India… leaving now…

best of luck for others…

And also a completely new Release and Bug thread in these forums! This last one was messy (i.e. 2626-39).

I have CIS set to check for program updates once a day. I notice in my scheduled tasks that it is set to check at 10:01 pm daily. I think that’s the time I installed this last beta. I would like it to check every day at 5:00 pm. I changed the task to 5:00 pm and it worked once. After that, I noticed that the task reverted back to 10:01 pm. How can I make it stay at 5:00 pm?

right… :slight_smile:

It’s still Monday somewhere! ;D

still 6 hours to go on Monday in Quebec (Eastern time) 8)

it is Tuesday here and nothing yet :smiley:

I have a feeling poor Egeman is about maxed out. :stuck_out_tongue:
Everyone needs a breather or two at some times.
Looking forward to new build.
And of course, quality > quantity, and even timeliness to a degree.

he said Monday, did not specify the week, month or year. ;D

It will come when it is ready. Remember a planning is only a planning… :wink:

i think next Monday (:WIN)

The situation is clear, the solar system has been virtualised…

I would carry on testing the last Beta for now, as it’s difficult to tell what is happening.

Best wishes


When can get the download link of new .2639 version ? Today is tuesday.

I am hoping to see the kiosk for the first time in the new version, as it looks as if my bugs reported for both the others have been fixed.

Long as it works, i can live with it if it gets rolled out later on. 8)

Lets hope along with the prob fixed, they are also adding some improvements.

I think they are doing more work on it. QA have been taking to me about various bug reports today.

Best wishes