Off topic comments about waiting for TVL fix for beta 2

A key is required to open the crate, and each key costs like 2€.
Even then the odds of getting the link are minimal… :frowning:

so many negative posts for a beta version of, at the base, a freeware.

yeah, France is not the monopoly of grumpy !

be patient or buy a S****tec solution.

As a software developer myself, I know the importance of keeping people informed when deadlines slip etc, I was just requesting that Comodo at least update the “it’ll be available Monday” message.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all that is being done, and the fact that a last minute showstopper disrupted the plans…


Sorry but why are you staring Symantec?

I swear the same thing is happening as when COMODO first announced 6.0 I think COMODO should never announce any version again because people can’t act their age…


Nobody said that anything would be released/avilable on Monday. Allow me to remind everybody…

So, there you go. You didn’t get a update of information last Monday, not a release.

Of course, as usual, nobody asked the obvious questions of: Which Monday? and… Resume what exactly? :slight_smile:

Let’s take XDA DEVELOPERS as an example here. Under no circumstances is a deadline to be asked if one is missed or expected.
If the developer [wishes] to give a deadline, that is their prerogative, but they are under no obligation to honor it if issues crop up, nor are they obligated to explain why if a deadline passes with no results posted.
Some do, and surprise, many still ask when to expect it.
You will get it when they feel it is ready.
CIS is a major system, time and patience is required. And, I suspect, the devs are over tired from trying to meet deadlines to make you happy.
Please be patient. The update will happen, I assure you.

I split all off topic comments about waiting for an updated version of beta 2 with a fix for the TVL issue.

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'cause it’s a joke and i don’t won’t make some advertising for the worst AV.

New beta was promised for monday and still nothing today on thursday. Never make promises you can’t keep or if you can’t keep em, at least drop a line why instead of leaving us in the dark for 4 days.

No promises were made.

In addition, please post this sort of thing here…

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… thanks.

Not meaning to be picky or anything, but i really think you guys should be more responsible when it comes to deadlines. I know i am :slight_smile:

Hi guys

Have a moan at me if you want no Egemen :slight_smile: Seems I mis-interpreted what he posted.

Sorry about that, but it really is better if we get a stable release to test, so Egemen needs to take his time.

Since the TVL, there’s been a file rating problem discovered, so I guess he may want to fix that first, as it underlies a lot of what CIS does.

This is a Beta remember, not an RC, so things are still pretty unpredictable.

But of course I do apologise for the inconvenience I have caused by misunderstanding what Egemen said.

Best wishes


Please see my post on this in the split thread here.

Best wishes


Thank you mouse1 for your explanation.

He clearly said not to download the broken TVL beta and that we’ll continue on monday. There is no other way to interpret that, than by getting a new beta version that is properly fixed.

There will always be expected unforeseen delays in software development, it is just a fact of life.
Also humans will always make errors, including in our wording.
Be patient it will happen sometime in the future. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Comodo for 2-3yrs, and have never come across such delays in a product! People keep saying do not ask, we should expect delays etc., however, we have a right to know, I pay for the software. After delays of months and months for version 6 I have removed Comodo and joined Kaspersky, at least they stick to deadlines and deliver a solid programme – all people seem to do is moan about the interface, therefore more delays, so we now look in to 2013. Pathetic, especially when every other security company have released their 2013 versions……

Monday?Which Monday??

Egemen said “resume” and you should probably read the rest of this topic. There are other ways to interpret that. But, still… clearly no promises were made.