COMODO Internet Security 2013 v 6.0.260739.2674 released!

What’s New In COMODO Internet Security 2013?
NEW! Completely redesigned touch friendly and task oriented user interface.
The new user interface is designed from scratch to make CIS as user friendly as possible. While we kept a lot of advanced settings for the advanced users, novice users will find it very easy to use now.

[b]NEW! Desktop Widget

NEW! Tasks Manager

NEW! Customizable Task Bar

NEW! Drag&Drop area to Sandbox and Scan Files

NEW! Sound effects are used in alert windows to draw users’ attention

NEW! Offline virus database update functionality (Import Virus Database feature)

NEW! File Rating Scan functionality

NEW! Rescue Disk feature

NEW! Virtual shortcuts

NEW! Shared Space between real and virtualized environments

NEW! Reboot reminder alerts in multiple places

NEW! Diagnostics being able to download missing files from the Internet

NEW! Keyboard shortcuts support

NEW! The following set of products is now part of CIS:[/b]

COMODO Autorun Analyzer

The Autorun Analyzer makes a thorough check on the Start-up items that are loaded during system start-up and shows them as a list with their threat rating. The interface allows you to choose precisely which programs and services are to be enabled and to delete the items that are identified as malware.

COMODO Cleaning Essentials

CCE is a lightweight, portable application which requires no installation and can be run directly from removable media such as a USB key, CD or DVD. Home users can quickly and easily run scans and operate the software with the minimum of fuss. More experienced users will enjoy the high levels of visibility and control over system processes and the ability to configure customized scans from the granular options menu.

Virtual Kiosk

An innovative sandboxed environment to run programs and browse the Internet isolated from your real computer. Applications and browsers run inside the kiosk leave no cookies or history behind on your real system, making it an extremely secure environment for Internet banking and online shopping.

  • Prevents malicious websites from installing viruses malware, rootkits and spyware onto your computer and provides protection against hacking

  • Features a virtual keyboard that allows you to securely enter user-names, credit card numbers and passwords without fear of key-logging software recording your physical keystrokes

  • Enables advanced users to run beta-software in an environment that will not upset the stability or file structure of their production system

COMODO KillSwitch

KillSwitch is an advanced system monitoring tool that allows users to quickly identify, monitor and terminate any unsafe processes that are running on their system. Apart from offering unparalleled insight and control over computer processes, KillSwitch provides you with yet another powerful layer of protection for Windows computers.

IMPROVED! Dramatically improved sandbox and virtualization.
Virtualization has been improved significantly so that more applications are now able to run inside sandbox.
New sandbox allowed us to implement a whole new desktop with its own application ecosystem: Virtual Kiosk.
We have also introduced automatic virtualization of unknown applications for advanced users.

IMPROVED! Lightest and fastest CIS so far!
CIS 6 is the fastest and the least resource intensive product we have released so far. Real-time responsiveness of the PCs improved significantly. Manual scans are now less resource intensive. Second scan speed improvements are dramatic.

Comodo would like to thank the BETA testers and Comodo forum moderators, whose invaluable efforts made this release possible.

Download Locations:

COMODO Internet Security 2013

COMODO Antivirus 2013

COMODO Firewall 2013

COMODO Internet Security PRO 2013

COMODO Internet Security Complete 2013

Existing CIS 2012 users will be provided with the ability to upgrade to CIS 2013 automatically in a few weeks’ time.
If, however, you are an existing user who is eager to start using CIS 2013 on your PC immediately, you can uninstall the previous version of the product, install CIS 2013 and enjoy. If you choose to do so, we do not recommend importing your old CIS 2012 configuration manually.

Please post your bug reports in following thread: [s];msg643685#msg643685[/s] Mod (mouse1) edit: in the CIS bug board.

Changed the title to be in the “old style” and changed the numbers’ order.Eric

Update form Slava:
Only 4 interface languages officially supported in COMODO Internet Security (English, Chinese, Turkish and Russian) are included in this release.
The rest of the languages will be made available through program updates as soon as these updates become available.
Update form Slava: CIS PRO and CIS Complete links

Congratulations to you, egemen and whole CIS team with this release. (:CLP) :■■■■

+1 :-TU

Congratulations! Can’t wait to test this!

…and can’t install. Getting a error message on install. Same as reported here by JakeGreen:;msg643498#msg643498

edit 2012-12-20: Reported more Infos and finally my solution there.

Thx guys, wonderful job :slight_smile: :BNC :■■■■

Thank you Slava Garelin and all the Comodo team. :-TU

Congratulations !

Will you creat a bug report thread ?

Congrats on this release…

Still, I am very much surprised the way this version is released… ???

Released first on all outside servers and lastly on the forum…surprise 1 ???

Released as a final version without any RC, without implementing any major Wishlist & Usability suggestions that have been there in Beta Threads…surprise 2 ???

Lot of simple functionality in v5 is missing in v6, which makes it more like Win8, I do not think even myself can afford to upgrade to this version as it is now… (of course this has been discussed at length in many threads) 88)

Finally, this seems to have happened in hurry, not a well judged release…(strictly my opinion) :-TD
(the same happened with CESM 2 also)

(:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*)

Congratulations to COMODO devs, mods and CEO!

(:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*)

This is a great breakthrough!

(:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:a*)

It was much lighter then its predecessor CIS 5.10 even in beta phase.

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Thanx Redstraw,
Yes, I’ve just updated initial message with bug report link

Well done guys. Thank you, its awsome :slight_smile: :-TU

Before, scan is very slow (v5).
So, I hope CIS 6 improves scanning speed.

I think another beta should have been released.
We will see if the bugs are ironed out.

We didn’t have a chance to test translations!

Is there any way to know which of the bugs from latest beta have been fixed and which are not ?

can i update cis 6 virus data base manually :slight_smile:

Scan speed has been improved dramatically.

I’ve been using Comodo Complete for 6-8 months, will there be/or is there Comodo 6 Complete; as my license key will not work for Premium version???

Excellent Software it beats all other security software by 100% :SML:

yes, you can.

Help–About–Import Virus Database

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CIS 6 is final… amazing… but what with this? :slight_smile:

clean system w8x64 virtualbox

Many users report many issues. Don’t look good… Should taken more time…