Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.3.394295.265B Hotfix is Released !!!

Hello Friends ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m very happy and excited to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.3.394295.265B Hotfix version is now released !

We have aimed the bug fixes and necessary improvements with this release as we are in war with “Unknown” executables ! Yes, we enhanced the Valkyrie problems which has been reported by our users recently and did our best to provide you the best experience.
We will be improving the system gradually, expect new releases in short terms and our calendar will be very dynamic !

You , being the most important participant of this protection chain, help us to improve the product with your feedbacks . We are the warriors against the unknowns, you make us more powerful ! Internet will be a more secure place with the help of Comodo users !

Please always keep in mind that this product is being shaped with your feedbacks, this is your product! Because You are important for us and we are here to support you for your online protection needs. Please keep providing your feedbacks for us to serve you the best!

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new in 1.3.394295.265B ?

  • 4 in 1 Viruscope recognizer:

We have a new Viruscope recognizer special for Cryptolocker, Ranbyus, Necurs, Ropest !

  • Improved Valkyrie File Analysis System:

We have improved the analysis process performance of Valkyrie server.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • UI freezes during rating scan

Download Location

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Public Major V 1.3.394295.265B

Valkyrie server is fully live now?

Thank you for the new release.

Hi yessnooo,

Yes it is live. If you see any stability issues, please let us know .

For your information,

Kind Regards

So how much time analysis take?

I did a rating scan & submitted 10 unknown files found.

Its been more than a hour & still valkyrie showing analyzing?

Congratulations with the release Buket. What known cryptolockers variants are being caught the Viruscope? All of them?

great release guys!

Please give us feedback about how the "Recognizers’ are working with ransomware. Its a behaviour analysis signatures which catches the behaviour of ransomware…of course all of the ransomware will be running in containment.

Will “Malicious” status change to “Trusted” for files that were false positives and I have reported them to your virus lab once they are cleared?

From the section Reported False Positives of the online help :

Files identified as ‘unknown’ or ‘malicious’ are queued for submission to Comodo for Analysis. You can also submit files you suspect of being ‘false positives’ (those files that you feel CCAV has incorrectly identified as malware). Once uploaded, the files will undergo a series of automated tests to establish whether or not they are trustworthy. After manual classification by Comodo Labs, they will be added to global white or black list accordingly.

Gives an error message

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try clean install. Maybe that help. Comodo goes deep into OS. That’s why we should bear with installation issues. Oh maybe that’s some bug.

Every security application goes deep into the OS up into the kernel. However the sandbox of CCAV runs in user mode where the sandbox of CIS runs in kernel mode.

Thanks. I’m rather ignorant here. So anyway it must mean that CCAV must be more lite to OS then CIS.

Well, yes. It’s a portable sandbox. :slight_smile:

Uninstalled it.

After app 3 hours, none of the 10 unknown files in Valkyrie returned a verdict. All the unknown files were under 5 MB.

May be will try next version.

Valkyrie server still seems have issues or not live.

I have noticed processing speeding up bit by bit. But expecting hours is perhaps a little ambitious … yet

Let’s wait and see what happens as more servers progressively come on line

Same here: 59 unknown files after the rating scan, still 59 after 3 hours… uninstalled.
Funny thing is that these 59 files are the same that were unknown when I tried the previous version of CCAV. It means that in about one month Valkyrie has not returned a single verdict for me.

Valkyrie as a service is not fully up yet guys unfortunately.

We are still building some expansion capability etc. bear with us please…it will be worth it!

Imagine the ability to have ZERO UNKNOWN Files on your computer…it will be WORLD’S FIRST!!!

I put on the net. Previously, there were no problems.

Same for me, unknown files were the same as with previous versions & not a single verdict returned.

Everytime I tried, Valkyrie never worked.

This release I asked if Valkyrie is fully live & Dev replied its live. And now Melih mention not fully live yet?

I suggest the team to mention the Valkyrie real status with CCAV release i.e fully/partially/on/off/not working, etc… status.