Misleading Popup After CCAV Install [M1995]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
After first install of CCAV, there were a popup said
“Safeguard your experience”
with bold and bigger puntos. This makes me think that “It must be a security&protection component of CCAV”
But I read the following sentences. The popup only wants to change my homepage, new tab and search engine to Yandex.
Telling people “Safeguard(!)” it is misleading the user. (even a experienced Comodo user like me!)

and from EricJH post, his opinion.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
If it is not a security component, ‘Comodo’ please change the statement on the popup. It is just a Yandex components popup to make users install Yandex.
I am not against bundles, you want to make money. But please do not mislead users and be true!


if you want to be FAIR! Please make those buttons same sized.
“Decline” buttons nearly invisible but the “Accept” button is very big while comparing with “Decline”…

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Many people do not like the behavior of changing hompages. This is a bit malware-like behavior and Yandex is not populer outside of Russia. I am living out of Russia and I want to use Google or StartPage etc.
With your statement user will make mistake and he/she will “Accept” the warning. All his/her browser will switch to Yandex.
Noone like this behavior. If I discover that CCAV did this. I will go and uninstall it completely.
Then you lost a potential user without showing your real powerfull protection, just because of Yandex bundle.

Please remove it or change your statement!

4. Any other information, screenshots etc:
You can read these more here:

Thank you for your understanding!

I don’t disagree with it being there as an option.
I do agree that more appropriate wording could be used. :-TU

These kinds of things always should be opt-in, NOT opt-out, seen to many times the distress these opt-out’s can causes to people especially the elderly, really Comodo should respect its users better by making them opt-in’s always.

A client of mine’s elderly mother with the help of Samsung support installed new drivers for her printer, the drivers came bundled with Chrome and also changed the homepage of IE as well to Googles search, the result was the poor women who is in her 70’s was very distressed as she felt she had broken her computer as it now looked and acted differently. The poor women was to afraid to use the computer again and was shaking with distress because she was afraid she would break the computer, net result was I had this poor women crying on my shoulder and shaking with fear, fixing the computer was less then a minutes work, fixing her was a different matter and took alot of explaining and hard work calming her down, still to this day shes still to afraid to use her computer sadly :frowning:

I agree with you AimeeLW and not just Comodo. :-TU

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