Comodo CIS and Windows 10 Compatability?.

Maybe a stupid question but I just got a message from Microsoft this morning on reserving my free copy of Windows 10. Now this is just to reserve it, no mention of when the installation will be available, but more than likely it will be quite soon. Will Comodo v8.2.0.4508 be compatable with Windows 10?.


CIS is officially compatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9926 however it will probably work on later builds as well (Windows 10 Technical Preview is currently at build 10130) So officially supported? No, but there will probably be a new release closer to the release of Windows 10 which will have official support and if that doesn’t happen then the current version should probably still work fine.

Thanks, though I will probably wait until there are some positive reviews on Win10 before I install it anyway.

I have testing Comodo Firewall on the Windows 10 Preview releases. Comodo Firewall does NOT work on the two latest releases including 10130. It blows up Windows 10 when it restarts after the initial install step. The last release that runs Comodo Firewall without problems is 10074.

I am running the latest version of CIS and W10 10130 with no issues.

Did it break when updating from build 10074 to later builds like 10130? CIS can break during Windows 10 TP build updates, following Chirons guide to re-install CIS usually fixes that. Or did you install a clean .iso of Windows 10 TP 10130 and the installed CIS for the first time?

I installed Comodo Firewall on a fresh install of Windows 10 Build 10130. It completed the initial setup and windows 10 failed to start when restarted to insert the Comodo Firewall driver into the network stack.

Further information:

I have done more testing with a clean install of 32 bit build 10130.

Installing Comodo Firewall causes a windows crash before the initial setup completes.

Installing Comodo Internet Security with only the firewall component causes a windows crash before the initial setup completes.

Installing Comodo Internet Security with only the anti-virus and firewall components installs without an issue.

I don’t know where Comodo is with following Windows 10 which is a moving target. So I sent a pm to BuketB pointing to his issue.

I’ve just upgraded to Microsoft Windows 10 and CIS firewall doesn’t work :embarassed: How can I fix it? Reinstall CIS?
Marcin Los

Hello Marcin,

We are working on the fierwall issues ; for your kind information.

Please wait for the Win10 hotfix release which will be done on following days.

Kind Regards

Hi guys,

I upgraded today and have the same firewall issue. Glad to know that a fix is on the way.

Cheers for your good work :-TU


Do you use CFW or Firewall tool in CIS product ?

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Any update?
Still can’t install my favorite Firewall :cry:

“This app can’t run on your pc
COMODO 8.0 doesn’t not work in theis version of Windows…”

Clean install:
Windows 10.0, Build 10240, Pro, 64bit

Thanks BucketB for your info. Waiting for an update.

There is no need to wait.

Open “Network connections”
Right-click on your Internet connection (probably a LAN interface)
Select properties

In the new window, click on “Install”
Select “Service”
Click on “Add”
Click on “Have Disk”

Browse to the folder where your Firewall is installed
Pick cmdguard.inf

Now you’ll see the Firewall Driver in your list
Select it and click OK


And if that’s too difficult for you, chat with Comodo. They’ll ask you to install GeekBuddy and will probably do exactly the same thing.

Found a way to install firewall :

Download : cfw_installer_6105_53.exe
Unpack the .exe don’t install, i used Winrar to do this.
Navigate to : cfw_installer_6106_53\cis\download\installs\xml_binaries\cis\ and install cis_setup_x64.exe or cis_setup_x86.exe .

There u go… everything seems to work.(5min so fare)
Clean install of Windows 10.0, Build 10240, Pro, 64bit

Following your instructions I was able to install and run Comodo, BUT, the problem lies when you want to change the profile from Internet security to Proactive security.

After change to Proactive mode PC reboots and everything looks good, but once you log-in, suddenly PC goes into endless repair/reboot mode.

I had Clonezilla image, so was able easily to restore my system.