CMS Translations

Hey All :slight_smile:

Melih had said to make a thread for translations. So here it is

We would prefer to have one single Lead translator per language so Comodo knows who to contact if they have specific issues with a single translation. And who can be in charge of coordination and “releasing” a new language versions to prevent multiple updates overwriting changes etc…

Lead Translator list:

Tools list:
7z - to extract and access the .tar-file
apktoo - The tool to be able to access the translation.

Want to help translating CMS in to your own language? ask if you can join the team “Join the Team”. Don’t forget to check the list above from current active translators.

Once the files are available they will be added for you to download.

The lang-file is called “Strings”


  1. This is an example of a string:Home
    Plz translate the bold “Home” , and remain others as what it is now.
  2. ignore the special characters such as “%s”, “0%$s”, “\n”…
  3. DO NOT CHANGE the sequences of the strings

Thanks everyone

And you can use apktools to unpack&re-build our package to preview your efforts and test yourselves.

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I’m willing to do the Dutch translations (at least for the foreseeable future), let me know what to do and how, and I’ll work at it :wink:

Thanks joining. You will be notified when the language package is available

Thanks once again for your future contribution :slight_smile:

I added my self ;D

Welkom Erythnul!

I am available for Italian translation!!!

:smiley: :slight_smile:

Added :slight_smile: and thanks

My pleasure! Patiently awaiting the release of the language files, set up notepad and WinMerge, so I’m ready :wink:

Ronny, I’m sure it’ll be a pleasure to work with you :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s always better to be able to discuss a translation with another person :slight_smile:

How about Russian? I can help translate if I find free time :stuck_out_tongue:

Added and thanks for joining :slight_smile:

One for Hungarian. :wink: :-TU

Added :slight_smile: and welcome to the team

I can do Swedish when i have time

Välkommen till gänget :slight_smile: och tack


Hum interesting thing. I’ve a new phone, my first “android phone”, and I’ll install CMS (EDIT : when it will have extra features), so maybe I can translate it in French :slight_smile:

Sweet :slight_smile: thanks for joining

So, when will the language files are available ???

Another question is: many words in translation does not fit in length, for example:
Locked Apps = Заблокированные приложения
How can I check it visually and cut long words? Before I post here my translation.
On the screenshot such difficult places marked by a red arrow.

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Just checking in. Do you have an idea of when the package will be available ?


I like to apply for translation into German language.



I don’t but I will ask.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I will contact fanny and hopefully come with good news :slight_smile:

Till now unfortunately no feedback :frowning: